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Why does everyone sneeze differently?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) June 9th, 2008
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Don’t know but I sneeze loud and I wish I didn’t.

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I don’t know but I sneeze in threes.

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and loud. but abrupt.

it’s like laughter that way.

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I think my sneezing is normal..

I used to have a teacher in elementary that used to sneeze and then squeaked right after. It was the funniest sneeze I ever heard.

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There is no such thing as a normal sneeze.

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When I sneeze, people don’t understand its a sneeze! They think it is a cough or something. It’s not fair! I have missed a decade of possible “bless you’s”. okay, i am over it now. :P

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pnl…bless you!
I used to sneeze in twos…now I only sneeze once every time. I sneeze pretty loud and have always enjoyed sneezing. I can remember back in highschool sneezing everyday walking outside to a bright sun when classes were over

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I guess it’s because you’re unique…just like everyone else. No seriously. According to wikipedia sneezing also includes “a reflectory response that involves the muscles of the face, throat, and chest” different people will sneeze differently because not every body is the same. Just like others can run faster then others, bend their fingers in funny ways, roll their tongue etc. people can sneeze differently because the muscles will react in slightly different ways thus those with more severe muscle responses will have a larger more animated sneeze whereas those whose muscles will not react in such a way will just sneeze in a less animated way. As for the sound I guess it relates to lung capacity, the passage of air from the lungs to the mouth and the shape of it so you could have loud booming sneezes or very little ‘squeaks’. It’s just the way people are built I’d guess. This is just an educated ramble and I’ve not studied sneezing habbits of people, and for all I know two identical twins could sneeze differently. In which case my hypothesis falls flat on its face ;)

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Im usually that guy that everyone wants to kill when it comes to sneezing. I have really bad allergies so once i start, its a long time before i stop. I remember one car ride down the street my friend counted 35 sneezes from me.

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@ danny – you just made my day :)

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:-) I am glad!

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