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Have you ever attended Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C.? (See details)

Asked by Fly (8697points) January 20th, 2013

My friends and I are going to the Inauguration tomorrow, but we don’t have much information on it. Mainly, we want to know if there will be room to sit down on the ground or if it will be too crowded. We’re planning on being at the Mall by 5:30 or so in the morning, so we will be there pretty early on before the crowds get at their heaviest.

If you can help with this or give any more information, thanks! Even if you can’t, please share your Inauguration Day experiences!

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To see anything you might need to stand. Depends on jumbo-tron placement, you might see the live feed while sitting.

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@dabbler I’m not so concerned about during the actual swearing in and address, more the wait since we’ll be there for hours before any of that starts.

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Getting there early sounds like a great idea. The Metro will open at 4 am so my guess is they’re anticipating early commuters who have the same idea as you do. So, I guess it’s a race! Well, good luck and hope you find a nice spot somewhere between the President and a portable bathroom. Just in case.
: )

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So how was it kiddo?

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Did you have a nice time? The weather certainly cooperated.

I stayed across the river, at my home in Alexandria, to avoid all the crowds. At the time of the canon salute, I went outside to listen. Drats…a helicopter was circling, overhead, at that exact moment, so I couldn’t hear a thing!

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Well, getting to the mall and getting back was difficult and absolutely terrible, but when we actually got to the mall, it was great! We got a great view of a Jumbotron and we were able to see the Capitol Building from our spot! The speeches were great and the feeling was amazing! We all agreed that we were glad we went, but we probably wouldn’t do it again unless we could get tickets.

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