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Women: does your purse fairly accurately reflect how much of a neatnick or slob you are?

Asked by JLeslie (54554points) January 20th, 2013

I remember once watching a show where a woman asked to look inside another woman’s purse, and she said it gives her a clue to how neat and organized a woman really is.

I just cleaned out my wallet. I had some papers from many months ago in there. I tend to be disorganized in my purse in general, not just my wallet, but I would love for it to be neat and organized. Pretty much my house is like that. Things get out of sorts, and then I go through and do a big clean, and then things eventually get messy again. I don’t out everything away every day. But, I love a neat house, and would love to have a place for everything.

At work I am very organized. For whatever reason work is different than my home.

Men: feel free to comment on regarding the women you know.

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Yes, and we sound very similar. My handbag is organised but messy. I know where things are but it’s not beautifully organised. I remember seeing this insert you could put in your bag so everything was super organised. I couldn’t imagine ever buy such a thing. I go through mine every so often and clear out receipts I need and throw away those I don’t. Track down that lipstick that I couldn’t find and the like.

I too would love a place for everything in my house. I find when I do organise things that way, I keep things a lot tidier.

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Track down that lipstick that I couldn’t find and the like. Love it. I completely identify with that statement. For several years when I lived in two places I had my make-up very organized. A bag for pinks, a bag for plums, a bag for browns, a bag for peach. It was just simple ziploc bags. I took with me what I would need, I only kept lipstick in my purse, the rest was in my travel bag or in a drawer in my vanity, but I was good at putting the lipstil back with it’s family of things when I was switching colors. I haven’t done it in years though.

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Possibly. My purse is usually pretty empty, and the only “mess” is a bit of change or a few gum wrappers at the bottom. For the most part I dislike clutter, and I keep my house very tidy, but I’m not obsessive about it. If it (my purse, or my home) gets too out of hand, I tend to do a major overhaul and get back to the bare necessities again. Just trying to describe one or the other made me more aware that my approach to how I keep my purse/wallet is very similar to the way that I approach cleaning my home, so, seems likely that it’s a sturdy theory.

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My purse has got smaller and smaller over time. Its flat and tiny. I’ve lost interest in purses, handbags. Those things.

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@Shippy Maybe that goes along with your simplify question.

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No, my purses reflect my fun loving and colorful nature over my organizational skills.
Lately I have been carrying a black and purple cloth shopping bag with Thai elephants embroidered on it as a purse. I got it in asia a few years ago and it doubles as my purse and shopping bag too.
I carry only my wallet, makeup bag, hairbrush, an extra pair of glasses and a pocket knife. :-)

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