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What was the most romantic moment in your life?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 21st, 2013

I remember a day especially during which my boyfriend and I had gotten into a small fight a really long time ago, which resulted in me going home and not speaking to him for the rest of the day. The fight put me in a really solemn mood and I couldn’t really go out and distract myself with friends or do anything other than go on my computer, so I was alone for quite a few hours. Then in the middle of the night, I get a phone call from him saying “Come outside” and he’s standing outside of my house with roses, apologizing.
I’m sure there are other romantic moments that I can’t really think of, but that was definitely something I won’t forget because of how vulnerable he made himself be for my sake in order to apologize, and before that, nobody had ever really given me roses before. It was sweet.

I would like to kindly ask you, what’s yours?

Thank you for the speedy response.

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Kissing my first real girlfriend for the first time when I was 14. It was in the back seat of my parents’ car on the way home from a school dance. Nothing since has quite equaled it.

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Tie between:

-First kiss with the first girl I loved, age 14, on the beach at night.
-First kiss with the friend I have been in love with for 4 years. About 4 am at a big public circle in Paris.

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When my (later) husband borrowed a motorcycle and rode 75 miles through the rain to see me because I said I was lonely.

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When Paul tosses his clothes into the laundry hamper, rather than all over the floor, and when he carries his dirty dishes to the sink, rather than leaving them wherever for me find.

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So say we all.

I’ll see that and raise you a “Hey, little man, let’s go to the library and the park, and let mama sleep some more”.

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I’m just glad there’s been so many that I can’t pick one.

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Meeting her at the train that first time. She kissed me like there was no tomorrow. The way she wiggled her leg between my thighs is something I’ll never forget.

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An ex and I had a romantic day from beginning to end. We slept in on a weekend and had some leisurely morning sex. He made breakfast for me as I read to him his assisgnment from a literature class he was taking. We went to a street fair, sprawled side by side in the grass and listened to the musicians one of whom played an alto sax, my soul music, at the edge of the river cuddling, almost post coital bliss, sleepy sun drenched satiated.

We eventually roused ourselves with light yoga laughing at our attempted one legged stands. Raced each other barefoot and when I was out of breath he swept me up and carried me to a delicious light lunch, al fresco street view, where we people watched.

Then he insisted I shop for sandals I had lost my favorite pair of sandals when my kayak tipped the previous weekend.

He was patience and the perfect shopping companion, when I finally found a pair I loved it was in a downtown art store where we found an interesting local artist and got invited to block party not too far from where he lived.

We ended the day there, walking to the party, it was a bonfire party for newly weds.

We ended up having quite a bit in common in with them but we still snuck in a few moments of cuddling in front of the bonfire and pseudo private moments in their slightly managed wild garden.

The walk back was a little drunken for him as he rarely drank. But he sobered after some exercise and clowning around he picked a bouquet of wildflowers for me, presented them to me solemnly and asked me typical proposal style to ” bring warmth and joy to his night.”

It was a day to remember. Ah the honeymoon phase, how sweet it is.

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My wife and I sharing an amazing seafood risotto in Venice, Italy. It was a beautiful night, our table was inches from the canal, and beautiful violin music floated through the air. It was our honeymoon.

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There are so many between my husband and I.

I still remember a New Year’s Eve kiss before we ever got together officially. It lasted just that little bit too long and left us both feeling a bit shocked I think.

The first ‘official’ kiss we ever had was in my kitchen and was amazing and unexpected.

We went on a houseboat on a river once and had no TV, no radio. Just us, a boat, a quiet river, a bed and some books. It was a great weekend.

Weekends on a little island not far from here, sitting together watching the sun go down over the bay.

Holding hands in the car – that’s an every day event pretty well.

Too many to list.

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And he just came home from work to bring me some special foam for my bike seat! Such a sweetie.

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I made my love three forms of chocolate. We were staying in an Alpine cabin, just the two of us. In the morning, I had everything ready to go. I’d gotten up early to go to our kitchen. I made American hot chocolate, French style hot chocolate (thick and gooey), and a kind of pain au chocolat. I used three different kinds of chocolate to make these items.

When it was ready, I set up a table on the deck overlooking the mountain, and then I work my love. Oh what a treat to see my lover consume those chocolates and slowly waken. And after, we made such delicious love right there on the deck, not caring if anyone would see. Though I don’t think there was anyone who could see.

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