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What can I do about this constant static?

Asked by RocketSquid (3465points) January 21st, 2013

Ever since I bought these shoes, I’ve become a walking tesla coil. I build up such a charge that I’m actually getting marks on my hands from the constant zapping.

Unfortunately I can’t really return the shoes, and they’re the most comfortable ones I own. I tried putting a dryer sheet in my shoes per a coworker’s suggestion, but that didn’t seem to work.

Any ideas?

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I think there’s some kind of anti-static spray you can use on your shoes.

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Might it be a seasonal thing? We all get zaps in the winter. It will help to discharge your hand by quickly slapping the metal thing you are touching first before grabbing it. Those freezer doors at the supermarket used to almost knock me on my ass when opening them. It almost felt like 110vdc when it got me. On a fun note lots of fun to be had with family pets during these times.

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Let me guess, you live in a cold area and your furnace is running like crazy these past few days.
You can carry a key with you and touch that to the door knob or other grounded appliance to discharge yourself. The tiny arc will zap at the end of the key, not your hand. You won’t feel a thing.

Of course you can always hang one of these from your leg.

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These are not a fashionable as @LuckyGuy ‘s suggestion. These are ESD heel straps. Stick them on the heel of the shoe outside and under you heel on the inside.

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You could try spraying a little static guard.

I think most likely you just have to wait for the more humid air of the summer. Jan and Feb are the worst months if you live kind of north in the northern hemisphere. the heater running all the time means extreme dry air and static (those both are some of the things I hate most about winter). You could get a humidifier for your house, but Iassume you are not wearing the shoes inside your home, so that probably won’t help in the end.

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I was going to suggest static guard as Lesile already did.

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I’ll definitely try out the spray. It wasn’t the shock that bothered me so much as worrying about my electronics. I’ve picked up my phone or touched my TV and gotten a zap, I’m worried about ruining something nice and expensive. Doesn’t help that I work in IT and am usually elbows-deep in a computer.

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Maybe if you keep your hand moisturized well? I don’t know if that works, but it seems like it might.

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Take your shoes off when you are in the house.

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