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When you buy packaged lettuce at the "organic" grocery store, do trust the label when it says "Pre-Washed"?

Asked by josie (27657points) January 23rd, 2013

I like to buy certain products at Whole Foods. I have reason to believe that their animal products are produced in an environment that is reasonably humane to the critters, and that matters to me.

So while I am there, I might buy some produce too. They sell lettuce in a bag that says “Pre Washed”.

I wash it anyway.

Am I wasting my time by washing it?

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No, I wash it again too. Someone might not be as diligent as cleaning the veggies as I would be.

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I never believe the “pre-washed” label. I always soak and rinse produce.

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Yes I do. I just grew a third ear too. Lol. No, seriously, I don’t wash them sometimes. To me, they looked well washed.

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I can’t think of a time when I have. Today I did not.

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I sometime watch Jamie Oliver’s cooking programme and he often just opens a bag of salad leaves and dumps them on the plate. I’ve been known to do it in a rush but how do we know the person packing it had washed their hands or the surface was clean? I think washing the leaves again is just common sense (I have been known to take the risk though).

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It doesn’t matter what they say, I still rinse and go through it.

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Probably needs another rinse, I doubt they would do anything more than just a quick spray!

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It’s not much of a time sink to re-wash it. I always do.

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I can’t be arsed, to be honest. So what if there’s a little dirt. Not gonna kill me.

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