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How can I help my cat lose weight?

Asked by hollym (304points) June 10th, 2008

I have a multi cat family (4, all indoor) and two are overweight. One is very overweight & I’m worried about his heart. Any suggestions on how to help one cat lose weight without starving the others?

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Good question, complicated by the number of cats. Check out the 39 answers here;

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We also have 4 cats and two were over weight, so we started feeding all of them 1cup of food twice aday (every 12 hours). We stop leaving food out all day and it worked. They are both at a healthy weight and more active.

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I was the one that asked that question that Gail gave you the link to- every response was very helpful. I can see a little improvement in my cat already! And all I had to do was buy much more healthier food, and monitor what she eats. What do you feed your cats?

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We used to buy Iams, but have been buying cheaper food lately due to budget. I think I’m going to have to start feeding them better food and do it on a schedule rather than leaving it out. That’s what we have to do with our dogs. Yes :) we have a zoo!

@ Kevbo- I SO totally wish I could get my cats on the treadmill. :D that video is hilarious.

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A fat cat is a happy cat (a quote from melons big book of good yet unnessery things to say)

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Well, first off it is important to know that every pet is different, and has different digestive systems. Remember, that one type of food may not be consistent with all pets. Question…what ages are they, do they range? This might be a problem due to the amount of physical activity produced throughout the day. Let me know…you may just need to have seperate foods, also, how many times a day are you feeding them and how much?

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They are 9 (fit), 6 (fit), 4 (brother and sister, manx, & FAT). I know that their being manx will make them a little stocky, but they, especially the male, are just fat. I’ve noticed that with the heat he’s been breathing faster and I don’t like it.

They have a free for all food system. It sits out for them all day, ever day. They don’t eat too many treats. I think they definitely need more exercise.

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Stop feeding it

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@Melon—not necessarily. 2 cats ago I thought that and ended up giving her insulin injections every day at an attempt to save her. As a result of the diabetes she went blind and wasted away. I’ve been much more careful after that, and asked the vet what the ideal weight would be for her successors and stuck to that.

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Technically the healthy amount for any of your cats to be eating is 1 cup of food a day. Usually half a cup in the morning and then a half a cup later. The problem is figuring out how one cat isn’t going to eat the others dinner. If possible maybe try and have separate feeding places for eat cat. Try having a separate feeding room for your over weight cat, and keep the other cats food away from him. Put the food up when when it isn’t feeding time. Also you want to avoid wet food.

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Your problem is leaving food out all day!! The response above is a great suggestion! You need to be careful that the overweight cats are not the ones eating the others share of food. (which is probably what is happening.) Try that technique for about 2 weeks…you should see some results.

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