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I'm traveling to Las Vegas, any good "local" eats, clubs or secrets?

Asked by jenlk1207 (440points) January 27th, 2013

I’m a photographer and am looking for some different and interesting places to take some photos while I’m in Vegas. I love finding unique, local, or different places to eat, drink, socialize, etc. Any input would be great. I’ll only be there for about 3–4 days, so will be a little tight on time.

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There’s a hiking outfitter who takes folks to Red Rocks Canyon who’s very highly rated. You can find his listing on TripAdvisor. Book early.

One of my favorite off the beaten path places is the Pinball Hall of Fame, which has nearly 200 machines dating back to the ‘40s and most of them are playable.

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Well it’s not really a secret, but while you’re in Vegas it’s time to cut loose and lose your inhibitions because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Good luck and have fun!

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Good places to take pictures: Elephant Rock at Valley of Fire State Park, Hoover Dam, Freemont Street, water show at the Bellagio.

Five Guys is a good burger joint, (huge portions).

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I suggest that you visit the Las Vegas China Town Plaza see here There is a restaurant there that has great dim sum and there are interesting shops. We have been there several times when in Los Vegas.

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Mon Ami Gabi – great restaurant, ground floor of Paris.

For taking pictures, I’d go to the City Center mall. It’s very interestingly constructed, and there are a lot of odd sculptures in there. The Vdara and the Aria are both right there too, and the courtyard circle between them is a pretty spot. The Bellagio is simply a feast for the eyes, of course – endless photo ops in there. Also, definitely check out the Wynn – it has beautiful, quirky installations in the restaurants and throughout the casino.

Red Rocks Canyon is gorgeous, so you might consider taking @serenade‘s advice as well.

Cirque du Soleil is fantastic. If you can only afford one show, make it one of theirs and you won’t be sorry. I haven’t seen O yet, but people say it’s the best.

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If someone of the opposite sex takes an unusual interest in you, the chances are they are a prostitute.

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I thoroughly enjoyed horse riding with Cowboy Trail Rides when I was there in September. The views were stunning, plenty of lovely places to take pictures and it was a lovely escape from the usual Vegas madness!

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I visited this rock and mineral shop when I was there. They have some amazing works of nature.

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In Las Vegas, pretty much any restaurant or club has something unique because of the high demand, so it’s hard to pick out specific ones.
Here are the first ones that come to mind:
“Planet Hollywood” in Caesar’s Palace has handprints of famous people at the entrance.
“Margaritaville” in the Flamingo Hotel is themed to Jimmy Buffett’s song.
“Jean-Phillipe” is a café of some sort in the Bellagio hotel right near the conservatory with chocolate fountains.
“In n’ Out Burger” is a popular fast food restaurant that is special to me because there are none on the east coast (at least in the Northeast). They are very retro; their menu has burgers, fries, drinks, shakes, and that’s it.
MGM has a Rainforest Café.
There’s also a Hard Rock Hotel with a Hard Rock Café, but I’ve never been in it.
When it comes to clubs, I haven’t been in many since I am not 21, but I’ve been in MiX, which is on the top floor of THEHotel at Mandalay bay and the Foundation Room, which is at the top of Mandalay Bay.

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