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Give me your thoughts on this video (to do with the Sandy Hook shooting)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11160points) January 28th, 2013

Is the person who made the video a whack job/way off base.



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Very disturbing, not sure what to believe.

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I’m a cynic, so I tend to check snopes:

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Things are confused during an atrocity like this and it takes time for events to become clear. The video uses broadcasts that are misleading because they aired before the investigation established the facts. Why would anyone do this? It seems dishonest and disrespectful to the families of the dead.

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I checked out snopes, which appears tome to be a reasonable rebuttal of the video. My children are going through a conspiracy theory stage, so I am already familiar with this video. I think there may be a great sense of empowerment in believing yourself to be in possession of secret, taboo “truths”. I also think the Post Modern trend to question whether there is objective truth, or whether it can be known, may result in lots of people believing that nothing is at seems, and also in their losing, or not believing in the usefulness of critical thinking skills. I think this may make people gullible and paranoid. And I think that is pretty much what is happening quite a bit now a days, with this video being an example.

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Everything touted in the video can be easily explained.

I’m always weary of people who give us information with an agenda.

I’ll say what I say about most conspiracy theories—there is no way so many people can keep such a big secret.

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It’s pretty bogus.

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