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Have you ever had a "happy accident"?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 30th, 2013

I’ll leave it up to you to translate what constitutes a happy accident.

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Well, I accidentally fell in love at a time I wasn’t looking for it and didn’t want it at all. I was actually kind of pissed off about it at first! In the end, though, I married him. Pretty happy about it, now. :)

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I automatically thought of a wet dream when reading this. Am I way off on that? Me and my dirty mind.

My answer is that I probably have, but I’m a female so it’s hard to tell.

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I pissed myself laughing when playing “kiss, cuddle or torture” as a kid, a more extreme version of “kissy catchy” & a lot more fun.
Several girls had me pinned down & were tickling me all over & a little bit of wee came out…they ran away screaming after that, shame.

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@livelaughlove21 Awesome answer! That is just as awesome as this un happy accident. You certainly deserve more than 1 GA for that answer. Unfortunately that’s all I can give. Hopefully some of the other flutherers will be generous with you.

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@augustlan I fell in love by accident when I wasn’t looking for it too! But I can’t say I was ever mad about it though, even though I sometimes want to choke my wife! LOL

Since you’re married I know that you can understand the concept of a spouse is someone who (at times) you can love and hate at the exact same time.

But mostly I adore her. I’d be so lost without her.

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Many of the books I’ve read could be called happy accidents. I often pick up books I haven’t ever heard of and find at book stalls on the street, flea markets, garage sales and book stores. Because of those books being so randomly and impulsively purchased I could call them “accidental”. Some of the best books I’ve ever read have been found that way. Some of those books influenced my thoughts and therefore my life in positive ways. So…Happy Accident is a good name for them.

@ucme I never knew there was a game called Kissy Catchy! I googled it and some people call it Kiss Chase. I used to play that game in kindergarten with my first boyfriend! I never knew other kids played it too and that it had varying rules and could include tickle torture,lol. When I played it my sister used to double tag team with me. We chased that poor boy all over the yard and sometimes we planted dozens of kisses on him. I’m not sure if he liked it or not. One day his mom came out and told us “Steven has a cold today girls, so don’t kiss him because I don’t want you to get sick” Damn that makes me laugh every time I think of it!

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I was a happy accident.

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About a year ago, I had a crush on a guy but couldn’t decide if he was gay or not. I also wasn’t feeling strongly that I wanted to start a relationship. I knew I wouldn’t say no if an opportunity presented itself, but I wasn’t feeling the need to make a first move.

A different guy asked me out on a date. We had a wonderful time and over the next several weeks, enjoyed getting to know each other. We decided to become exclusive.

When my previous crush learned the news, he inexplicably decided it was a good time to admit he had had a crush on me the whole time. I felt weird and conflicted about the whole thing for awhile, but time revealed to me that that crush would have been an absolutely awful match for me, whereas my boyfriend and I are still very happily together.

So glad neither he nor I made a move before my boyfriend did.

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Awhile back when I heard a strange scraping sound coming from under my car.
I pulled over to look and saw a long metal bar dragging on the ground.
My first thought was WTF is THAT? What part of my car just broke?

I found a stick on the side of the road and was poking and prodding at the strange bar under my car when, all of a sudden, the object fell down and turned out to be…..a giant BBQ fork! lol
How the hell I ran over a BBQ fork that got stuck under my cars undercarriage is a mystery but it was a very happy accident!

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Apparently I was a happy accident!

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@Earthgirl Don’t tell anyone, but i’d get caught on purpose…“can I have all 3 please?” ;¬}

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Both of my children were happy accidents. My first one was a wedding day baby, whoops!

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@Coloma So it was a happy, funny accident. Did you laugh when you pulled the fork out from under your car? You must have!

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How the hell I ran over a BBQ fork….

Didn’t your map show a fork in the road? ;-)

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^^^ LOL
Yes…I was very happy, and I did laugh at the irony.
I swear this BBQ fork was 4 feet long, industrial size BBQ fork. haha

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