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Suggest me a name for my new consultancy firm?

Asked by kalppune (7points) January 30th, 2013

The location will be in U.S. as well as India so I wish the name should match both culture. Good if the name include sun for eg : sunrise tech , solar etc or like 2 K’s like ksquare or k2k where k are initials of names of both partners

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Here are some “sun” ideas-
Sunrise, sunset, sunbeam, sunspot, sundance, Sol, solar flare.
Perhaps you could incorporate Sol with the word Solutions.

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Flare2K, Solar2K,


Hate answering these I can go on for hours.

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thnks for you answers..but still i am waiting for the best one to choose

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Sunkist is trademark Registered. We cant use that name.

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Yeah I know, i’m normally pretty good at this, but the options available leave little room for maneuver, other than ham-fisted, clumsy options.

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just think that you want to name a job consultancy firm @ ucme

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KK Suraya or Phra Athit is the chief solar deity in Hinduism.
Suriyan Tamil for sun

mixed Suraya Suriyan KK

Sooraj Urdu for sun

Synonyms: cosmic, empyreal, heliacal, stellar (sun)

Cosmic Suriyan KK


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” Helios K&K”

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SuKKy SuNNy ~

KKyrios Ilios (Mister/Master Sun)

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The Solar KiosK
Bright Ideas

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It’s hard to think of a name without knowing what you will be consulting about.

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@kalppune Nah, I think i’ll pass, nowt to work on.

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“At a panel discussion last week on relations between India and the United States, Strobe Talbott, the former American diplomat, told an audience of Indian business leaders that he had learned a valuable lesson about India: Do not hyphenate it. As in Indo-Pak. (Or, in a close cousin of a hyphen, as in Chindia.) The audience smiled at his epiphany: India matters because it is India.”

I’m struggling and I’m usually really good at this!

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@KNOWITALL That’s what I said, great minds eh? :¬)

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(And I said it first. Just sayin’)

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Ahem, look a little further up the thread…

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OK Buddy. You win this round but I am coming over to the UK tonight and you are in trouble.

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ooh, kinky…librarians do it in silence, hee-hee

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Sunrise Consulting

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