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Do you keep a dream journal?

Asked by rockfan (6926points) February 2nd, 2013

I’ve had a dream every night for the past week and I’ve remembered almost all of them. Really unusual for me, so I started a dream journal. What about you?

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No, but I should. I’m going through a significant change in my life, mostly alone, and my feelings about it have been bubbling up regularly in dreams, both happy and sad, all long and complex. Occasionally I do write one down which in the moment has special meaning to me—a visit with a long-dead relative, for example, or something involving my job—but then, a few days later, reading this fails to bring back the emotions I had at the time I dreamed it.

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It wouldn’t make sense because most of my dreams are as messed up as the movie ‘Inception’.

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Yeah, I do. But I think one of the hardest things to write down is dreams. No matter how hard I try, the feelings and moods and surroundings of my dreams are lost in transcription.

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No. It might be incriminating. Last night I dreamed that I got a hold of these discs that had bank account information on them. The people who had had them were gone. I was trying to access the accounts.

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Yes, I do keep a Dream Journal. It is the only way that you can figure out what your dreams are trying to tell you.

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Yup, but a lot of times it’s hard to describe the more bizarre dreams.
I have been dreaming a lot about lush eggplant gardens lately..probably because my garden finally produced an eggplant and I was so excited about it. I just wish it would provide those huge luscious eggplants.

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No I don’t, that would be a nightmare, homework whilst you sleep…feck-off!

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I do, but I rarely remember my dream when I wake up. So, the journal is mostly empty.

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Well…I have a Microsoft Word document titled ‘DREAAAAMS’ (lol) which is where I write my dreams. I used to write them out by hand, but I have lots of detailed dreams every night, so it became too time-consuming. Typing them is easier. xD

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I have kept a diary for many years and I include my dreams when I remember them.

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No but i have thought about it. Though my significant subconcious conclusions or solutions I remember until at least I figure out. Having remembered the lessons they teach is not always something I excel at and a dream journal in that use would be acceptable.

There is an 80’s nightmare about hair I have had for a while and can’t remember. It doesn’t seem connected to any lesson at all though and yet I can’t forget it.

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It seems like a good idea, but I seldom remember my dreams for some reason.

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I remember my dreams quite often, and I have a word document where I write down the particularly wild ones. I definitely don’t do it on a regular basis though, just the kind that leave your head in a fog after you wake up because it feels like you’ve just read a novel.

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I still remember dreams a long time ago

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