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Who is your favorite artist?

Asked by tups (6709points) February 2nd, 2013

You may mention more than one.

It could be anything as long as you consider it art. For example painter, musician, poet, writer or something else.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

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Right now, Quentin Tarantino is the best Writer/Director working in film.
I love Orson Welles, Frank Capra, Buster Keaton, and Charles Chaplin.

In painting, I love Van Gogh, Picasso, and Edvard Munch.

In music, John Lennon and George Gershwin.

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As far as music goes, that’s easy Kurt Cobain, but when it comes to visual art, Salvador Dali.

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We kept a lot of the stuff our kids did, from right back when they were toddlers, to pictures they did at school, so i’m going to say my kids are my favourite artists, certainly from a personal perspective.

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Alex Grey . My fiance and I went to his house for a gathering last year and got to meet him, it was a ton of fun talking to him about his art and experiences. He was an extremely nice down to earth guy.

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Andy Goldsworthy

If you don’t already know him, he goes into environments (usually natural) and uses nothing but the materials he finds there to create ephemeral works of art. Some last just long enough for him to photograph them.

Not only are they astonishingly beautiful and ingenious, but I love that they belong to the moment.

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Difficult Question.
Right now, I would have to say Powfoo.

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@uberbatman Alex Grey is great, especially this picture, if you ask me.

@filmfann I love Picasso and Edvard Munch, too. Great artists.

@Self_Consuming_Cannibal As you can probably see, I agree with you on Salvador Dalí.

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Musician: Kurt Cobain (@Self_Consuming_Cannibal: We should talk.) Jim Morrison. George Harrison.

Poet: Tie between Allen Ginsberg, Arthur Rimbaud, and Walt Whitman

Visual artists: Kandinsky, Andrew Wyeth, Yves Klein (not sure if he counts as a visual artist, or the first conceptual artist…)

Novelists: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann, Salman Rushdie, Tom Wolfe.

Director: Hitchcock.

@tups: Phew, thank you for giving us leave to list more than one ;)

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@thorninmud, have you seen the film that shows him creating his works? Fascinating.

I still love Monet, but if I could choose only one painter ever to see again—and view his work for real rather than in reproductions—it would have to be Rembrandt Vermeer Leonardo Modigliani Botticelli Rossetti YIKES, I DON’T KNOW Rembrandt.

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@Jeruba Yes, that was how I first learned about him. I think he appeals as much to the craftsman in me as to my aesthetic sense. Watching how he works filled me with admiration for his ability to coax the full potential from his materials

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Vincent Van Gogh. He just inspired me.

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Visual art: Francis Bacon, Francisco Goya, Picasso, Doré
Musicians: Michael Gira, Douglas Pearce, Varg Vikernes, Beethoven
Writers: Yukio Mishima, Lovecraft, Nietzsche, Poe, Milton
Film: Kurosawa, Bergman, Fellini, Argento, Takashi Miike, Guillermo Del Toro, Leni Riefenstahl

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I’ll try to add mine, but it is really tough:

Painters: Picasso, Munch.
Musician: Bob Dylan.
Poets: T.S. Eliot, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Michael Strunge (this list goes on and on)

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@tups Love that one as well. It’s pretty eerie though, on the side on fire there is the WTC and an airplane in the background. Then there is the 3 figures that look like a politician (Bush), giant dick (cheney) , and a middle easter militant. This was painted in 1989…

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I was super into hazy, soft photography when my professor recommended researching Uta Barth. So naturally she became a favorite, because I can understand her vibe. Hm, yeah she’s about the only living artist I would feel intimidated to meet. #UTABARTH

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Ansel Adams. I’m a fan of nature photography.

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@tups I’m not even an art fan, but I am a Salvador Dali fan. I have a huge book which has many of his works. He was a fucked up individual, but that probably helped him become so surreal in his works. And yes, I like your avatar from “Persistence of Memory.”

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@bookish1 You said we should talk. What’s on your mind?

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I think Myles Kennedy is a legend – he’s the vocalist for Alter Bridge. That guys range is unreal! He can go from low note to high note and hold notes for ages.
Favorite female vocalist is definitely Cristina Scabbia.
Outside of the rock/metal genre, I like Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones.

Guitarists: Mark Tremonti, and the two Joe’s Bonamassa (Black Night, Under The Radar, Sloe Gin) and Satriani.

Painters..Sir Frank Dicksee for the older stuff, but for more recent artistry I think Bret Lynch is fantastic. Some of his stuff would be right at home in some classy looking bar or something. I love that stuff.

I’ve always liked Siegfried Sassoon’s poetry.

#thisain’ttwitter :p

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Music: Paramore. Their songs are so insirational to me. I can always relate, and who doesn’t wanna headbang while being inspired??

Visual arts: Brian Kesinger for his unique and awesome steampunk art. Mary Cassatt for her inspirational background. Lichtenstein for his awesome pop art that i can stare at all day. And basically any street artist. I love graffiti, and how it can transform a wall, unless it is just the crappy chicken scratch that some teens do just to vandalize.

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