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Who are some good solo musicians that perform with a distorted electric guitar and no backing band?

Asked by nononoyesno (204points) February 14th, 2010

Looking for singer-songwriters that perform with a distorted electric guitar and nothing else. No backing band, no drum machine, nothing.

This example of Ted Leo performing solo provides a good guideline for what I’m looking for:

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look up steve vai. You may know of him and heard his stuff. He plays with a band, sometimes with orchestras, but he also has a lot of solo performances.

Try Buckethead as well. He is an excellent guitarist. Again, he plays with a band, but also has a few solo performances.

Listen to Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do?” guitar solo.

This isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but I cannot think of anyone who just plays solo with a “distorted electric guitar.”

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Joe Satriani is similar to Steve Vai and Buckethead – similar style, has a backup band, but also has some solo stuff.

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@cbloom8: Oh, I like him. Good stuff

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I think of Jimmy Hendrix when he solo the National Anthem at sunrise in Woodstock.

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Brian Patrick Carroll, aka Buckethead.

Also known as God.

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Meh, a lot of this stuff like Steve Vai and Buckethead, while pretty cool, are more along the lines of “OMG LOOK HOW GOOD THEY ARE” type of music.

I’m looking for what is essentially solo performers who sing and use an electric guitar instead of an acoustic. Bonus points if they’re of the indie variety. Here’s another example of what I’m looking for by PJ Harvey

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I tend to call that “musical masturbation”.

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Yngwie Malmsteen. Dude is AWESOME. Flight of the Injured Bumblebee is just insane.

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Malmsteen is best described as follows:


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It is odd to see a electric guitar player without a rhythm section. Gretchen Menn is a very talented guitarist.

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