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Really effective ways to get rid of dark spots?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) February 2nd, 2013

I have been in a battle with acne for a really long time. I would never once have a day where I didn’t have at least 5 zits on my face. So three months ago, my doctor essentially prescribed me the heavy guns to finally win my battle. I’ve been using Differin and Clyndamicin (not sure if I spelled the last one right) daily and see a big difference. Currently, I have no majorly noticeable bumps; there are a few really tiny ones but nothing to really worry about. The issue now is that I have a ton of dark spots aka my battle scars :( I still feel like I have to wear a bunch of concealer to cover them all up and while my medication helps with acne, the dark spots from the acne aren’t fading. What products are the best to solve my hyperpigmentation? I know people say use lemons and stuff, but let’s be serious here. None of those super natural remedies really work well if you need to see a MAJOR change. So what could I do to help speed this process along?

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Dermabrasion is something to research. Read about the contraindications.

Your dermatologist can help you with your scarring issues.

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I recommend discussing that at your next dermatology visit, as you want a treatment plan that will work well with your current medications. There are a few options. Retin-A is a topical prescription often used to help the skin renew itself – whether acne, dark spots or wrinkles. I used a skin care system that had hydroquinone in it that worked well on my dark spots (until I had an allergic reaction to it). Microdermabrasion, as mentioned by Gail, is a cleaning technique that scrubs away the topmost layers of the skin, and is also very effective – however, your skin may be too delicate for that service due to your current medications, so I strongly recommend you ask your doctor about it first.

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A few years ago, I had some age spots on my hands. I went to a dermalogist and had them removed with a laser. The experience wasn’t all that painful; it felt as if I were being hit by small drops of hot oil, and the discomfort subsided immediately. The procedure was very effective, and the results were amazing.

I don’t know if the same treatment would work on acne spots? It’s certainly worth asking a dermatologist.

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Roaccutane is effective with some people but it can have side effects and would have to be prescribed by a doctor. It has been linked to depression.

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Thank you all! I’m going to let my current medications work for a bit longer and probably go back to the doctor in a month or so to see what we can do

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