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What are some unusual phobias you have?

Asked by lookingglassx3 (2134points) February 2nd, 2013

I read recently that Kylie Minogue is afraid of coathangers. I thought that was such a bizarre fear, but then I realised that I have some really strange fears of my own!

I cannot stand listening to heartbeats. When I hug somebody and I can feel their heartbeat, it overwhelms me. I absolutely can’t stand it. I think I’m just scared that their heartbeat will stop.

Another fear I have is answering the telephone (funny and sad backstory behind that fear). My family thinks I’m being lazy, but I genuinely do not like answering the phone.

And perhaps my strangest fear of all – Wookies, from Star Wars. I cannot look at them, and I genuinely have no idea why (maybe I had a bad experience when I was young whilst watching Star Wars?). I literally get very panicky and my heartbeat increases if ever I see one. My friends think it’s hilarious and show me photos of wookies when I’m caught offguard, but they are my biggest fear.

So, what are YOU scared of? The stranger, the better! :D

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@lookingglassx3 I feel the same about heartbeats!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the phone, I am subconsciously terrified of the ringing sound, a phone ringing, especially at a high pitch sends shivers up my spine!

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I’m actually relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who has these phobias! Everybody I know thinks I’m so weird and annoying for not answering the phone! D:

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I have a phobia of needles. Since I am a type 1 diabetic and give myself on average 10 injections per day, this confuses doctors and phlebotomists to no end. But it’s a matter of control. I can nonchalantly give myself a shot while teaching class or talking with a friend. But if someone else is coming at me with a needle, that’s horrible because I am not in control, and I have no way of knowing how good they are at giving injections or drawing blood. (I have been told that it’s not uncommon for airplane pilots to have a phobia of roller coasters, and I find this quite understandable.)

It’s not just that I dislike needles either. Even seeing a photograph or video of someone else receiving an injection or getting their blood drawn, even hearing about it, is enough to make my breath stop and my skin crawl.

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I have a slight fear of giants, my doctor calls it feefiphobia, although I may just have made that up.
13% of triskaidekaphobics will be scared of this joke :¬)

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Gosh I have so many, and after this you will all think I am more bonkers than ever.

Here goes! I don’t like hard sweets in my mouth. I feel as though I am going to choke. I feel like I will breath in and it will get lodged in my throat. So I avoid them.

I have improved a bit, as before I did not even like the idea of say for example, a capped tooth in my mouth, or crown.

I also have a food phobia. I am afraid it is contaminated or has gone off. I also cannot just eat food from certain places. For example I wont buy meat or cooked goods. I buy tinned or packet food. Sometimes the phobia is worse than other times and I don’t eat because of it.

I have an extreme phobia of hospitals, doctors and pills. The pills the by the far the worse phobia. I can be very ill and decline pills.

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Brideges with steel grating makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like it will fall. I don’t like the sound the tires make going over it and I cannot look down at it as I drive by.

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@lookingglassx3 I have just had such an epiphany from this question. As when I read what I wrote I realized they were all centered around my mouth and ingesting things. So thank you!

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I knew I’d left one of my phobias out! @chyna you just reminded me! It’s weird that I forgot it because it’s the worst phobia I have, it’s trypophobia. Google Image it. Urgh, it makes me want to throw up every single time.

I also hate feet so much. My dad was sat on the sofa and he put his bare feet up. One of them touched me accidentally, I ran to the bathroom and vomited!

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I have a pretty extreme phobia of vomiting (both myself and other people), and in the past, it’s given me many panic attacks. It used to be so bad to the point where if I even read anything that said something like, “then I threw up,” even something that nondescript, I still freaked out. It’s gotten a lot better in the past several years, but I’m still pretty afraid of it.

When I was in elementary school, I also had a phobia of choking that stemmed from a specific incident. It led to a pretty serious eating disorder, but thankfully since recovering from that I seem to have grown out of the phobia.

I’m afraid of other things too (elevators, bridges, roller coasters) but not quite to the point where I’d call them phobias.

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I know I have some form of claustrophobia, but I’m not sure what you would call it. A typical claustrophobe would have fears of small rooms, which I do not. Elevators and closets don’t bother me. What bothers me, however, is low ceilings. The fear of being crushed/suffocated, I suppose. You’d never catch me in the crawlspace of a house, for example.

@Shippy I’m just no good at swallowing pills and avoid them whenever possible.

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@DominicX My friend has a phobia that is in a way similar to that, except with her it’s the complete opposite – she hates really tall ceilings (she’s convinced the building isn’t strong enough to support it, and that the ceiling will collapse on top of her).

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I’ve been claustrophobic since I spent the night in the upper berth of a Winnebago, and woke up in a panic. I had to fight hard not to get out of the vehicle, but I sat up in the driver’s seat for the rest of the night. I had the feeling again waiting to go up in the arm of the Statue of Liberty. As I started to climb, I realized i could not do it and stopped. I also said no as I went into a Pyramid in Cairo. I didn’t help that a party of Germans coming out were saying that it was hot and smelled bad. I rode a camel instead.

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@DominicX Mine is swallowing but more what will happen to me after I have swallowed it. It’s like ingesting poison to me. I have had a few bad experiences with pills so maybe that is why.

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Heartbeats freak me out, too. Listening to another person’s heart beat gives me a panic attack.
I’m also afraid of static shocks.
I have loads of phobias and fears, I’m an extremely anxious person, but those two are pretty weird.

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Fort Washington:

This is the Virginia view of an 1809 fort in Maryland, from across the river that forms the state border. For reasons that I can’t begin to understand, the place scares me. When I drive pass this view, I need to keep my eyes forward and avoid looking. I mean, I get completely creeped-out, as if there’s something dangerous and horrifying that looms in the distance. If I peek over at the old fort, I have an almost-nauseating feeling of fear and dread.

I’ve visited Fort Washington, and it’s an interesting, historic structure; nothing scary at all. But, if I see it from a distance, I can expect a few nightmares when I go to sleep that night.

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I have absolutely no phobias. Does that make me weird?

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^No, you are weird for other reasons. :-)

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^^Smart Ass. Your’s is coming.

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Let’s see…

Roaches – Specifically palmetto bugs aka water bugs
Bees/Wasps – The buzzing is enough to scare the piss out of me
Deep ocean water – Especially if the water is dark
Snorkeling – I’m human; I don’t breathe underwater
Cancer – This one causes the most anxiety; right now it’s inflammatory breast cancer

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I’m terrified by the idea of being out of control, or helpless, or at other people’s mercy.
Mostly, this manifests itself when I am acutely aware of the fact that I could do nothing to stop something bad from happening. For example: thrill rides at amusement parks, clear glass elevators, and crazy drivers make me sick to my stomach, very easily. When I’m riding in a vehicle (not driving) I have to intentionally keep from thinking about how fast I’m moving, all the other vehicles on the road around me, the condition of the driver, or anything. I’ve psyched myself out way too many times.

Also, I have an extreme dislike of certain textures against my skin. Particularly, a certain black material out of which the handles of the spoons in our house are made, when it’s wet, and the cotton in the top of a pill bottle. That stuff is horrible! If it’s wet, or my hands are moist, or I hold it tightly, it’s better. I can’t explain why it’s SO uncomfortable to hold.

Oh, I also have a fear of eating jelly filled donuts while wearing open-toed sandals.

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The one my kids laugh at is my fear of leaving mayonnaise out of the refrigerator. It cannot be out for more than 5 minutes, or I get the willies. I think it is reasonable.

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I used to say that my “dream home” would contain a small, sound proof closet. I would put the phone in there whenever I didn’t feel like dealing with it. I have issues with the phone too, although I’m worse when I’m making the call because I have time to sit and overthink it. I’m not as bad as I used to be with it though.

It doesn’t plague me during the day, but I have an unreasonably large number of dreams about bad things happening to my teeth. Hate those dreams.

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I’m older now and I’m terrified of the future. I wonder if that qualifies as a phobia?

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If I get started, fluther will expel me for being the battiest jelly ever!

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I have an irrational fear of throwing things away in public garbage bins, you know, those ones by bus stops or next to a convenience store. I am afraid I am going to throw something away in them I didn’t mean to, or that my rings will fall off and into the garbage (even when I am not wearing them). It causes me real anxiety, even though it is pretty stupid, and I know that.

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