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Are floor seats good at an arena concert? If not, where is the best place to sit?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) February 4th, 2013

Ok so I know most of you probably don’t care, but Beyonce is doing a tour again. She’s my absolute favorite music artist, so I of course am planning to buy tickets. I want floor seats as close as I can possibly afford, but how far away can I be from the stage on the floor before it gets too hard to see and I need to just get seats further up?

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In my opinion, anything over a 100 feet away is too far. I like to lean against the stage. Just be careful and protect yourself.

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@Adirondackwannabe around how many rows back do you think that is?

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NO more than twenty rows back.

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Are the “floor seats” standing room only? or are there actual chairs? If the former, you’ve got to look at the layout of the venue, and take many factors into consideration: How tall are you? Will you need to go to the bathroom during the show? How good are you at manoeuvring through a crowd? The hubs and I are practically professional concert-goers, and it takes some serious skills to get to the front of that kind of a crowd, especially if you have to leave at some point and get back to your spot.

If the latter, get as close as you can, but I agree with @wundayatta – any more than 20 and you’re staring at hair all night.

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Do you want to dance and stand up throughout the concert? If you do seats (that you will probably not sit in for long) as close to the front would be best.

If you want to be able to sit down and see the concert—don’t buy seats in the floor area. People are very likely to stand up all around you.

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@cutiepi92 Yes, 20 is about the max for best views.

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I always go up a few rows, I don’t like strangers grinding up on me all night on the floors, but that’s just me.

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there will be actual chairs from what I see in the layout. I’m 5’9”, will be wearing heels, and plan to stand so seeing isn’t quite as big of a problem for me. However, I’m more concerned about my boyfriend as he doesn’t stand any taller than 5’5” (we’re odd but I love him lol). I’m hoping I can get seats within in the first 10 rows and I’ll be happy. This is kind of a side question, but how much do you think tickets that close will even be? The price range currently listed on ticketmaster is from $54 to $285 (they aren’t on sale yet). Can I expect to pay $300+? $300 is my limit so this whole “close seating” thing might just be a fantasy right now lol

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Closer= more expensive. I would advise you to try to win tickets online or via a local station that is sponsoring the show.

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The seating charts online may show seats but that doesnt necessarily mean there will be seats there in the “pit” area. If you do end up going with the up front standing area thing my advice is to get there as early as you can afford to. Whenever I go to shows with GA I try and get there at least an hour before hand. Yea I gotta sit around outside for an hour but when doors open up I’m one of the first ones in and I get to be up front and center of the stage. It’s worth the extra wait IMO.

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Ok so I just found out with more research that it’s Standing Room/General Admission. That’s totally fine, I don’t mind getting there early to get my spot in the front! So how early do you think I need to be there before the event for a person as big as Beyonce if I want a good spot? I was planning like 6 hours early (I’m dedicated lol) but even then I don’t know if that is enough…..

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Closest to the sound guy.

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@cutiepi92 I have no clue, it varies depending on artist but that sounds like waaaay more than enough time.

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They won’t let you in that early. Find out what time the doors open. I know the arena here in Tampa usually has a stage set up outside with local bands (of various levels of talent) performing before the show. There’s even a cocktail bar or two. Go, enjoy yourself, then pay attention to when the door starts to look like they’re getting ready to open. Don’t bring a purse or bag with you (saves yourself the time in that line), and learn how to weave through a crowd. I find a look of exasperated stress works well, along with “My husband is just up there”, while pushing your way closer to the front.

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No they wont let ya in but you can wait outside the venue for the doors to open which is what I normally do. But I’d never go 6 hrs early :P

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I know they won’t let us in that early, but I’m more concerned about the line before they open the doors. Elsewhere online I see people talking about getting there 4 hours early to secure a spot in the front. I guess since she’s a huge artist and I REALLY want to be in the front I’m willing to wait lol

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@cutiepi92 well then go for it. Have fun :) Make sure ya bring some bottled water and snacks for while you’re outside waiting.

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Hi! I know it’s like 5 months later but I was just wondering if you went to the concert yet?? My friend and I have GA tickets and were thinking about buying the early admission tix. The concert is in two days :/

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We just went last Friday!! The wait was intense but honestly it was one of the best experiences of my life!!! We got there at 12:00 for an 8:00 concert lol but Beyonce is a huge star so it was expected. We ended up being at the barricade so it was front row and my picture ended up being on Beyonce’s website! It was totally worth it

We got the early admission tickets as well. So glad we did or else we never would have had a chance of getting in the very front

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@cutiepi92 AWESOME! Glad ya had a great time.

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I’m not sure if you still get messages from this thread. But I was wondering if you could tell me if going there at 12pm for an 8pm concert is still needed with the early admission tickets? I’m buying tickets for my sister as a birthday gift and want to do my research so I can tell her exactly what to do. Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated. Thank you in

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^don’t know how late i am for this, but it was necessary at least for us. It depends on how big the artist is. There was still a line even for early admission. Getting there early with early admission passes is the difference between being at the barricade or being some rows back. You can still see, but if you DEFINITELY don’t want people to stand in front of you, early is best.

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