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Name some things people seem to love that you could do without.

Asked by Aster (18320points) February 5th, 2013

I don’t know what else to say! What is way overrated to you that makes you sometimes feel weird for your different feelings about it?
Mine: Scotch, any and all sitcoms, laying out by a pool in Las Vegas in 120 degrees, So You Think You Can Dance?, Seinfeld,
Bunco, asparagus.

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Fashion-length fingernails

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Cruises and crowded vacation destinations.

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Fluther…ooh, cheeky!

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Refried beans.

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This response has been genetically removed.

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The Tea Party
John Boehner
Oh hell, the list is just too long

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Most televised sports (except figure skating and gymnastics)

Smart phones

Video games

Most reality TV shows, excluding cooking shows which are technically reality shows.


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One Direction.
Taylor Swift (we get the message by now. You fell in love and it ended badly).

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Meat, fish, seafood, and dairy products
Fur, wool, and leather
iPods, iPads, and anything with an “i” before its name
Video games
Smart phones
James Bond movies
Laptop computers (I need a conventional keyboard)
Overpriced automobiles
Overpriced anything

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football, meat, reality TV, TV talent shows, cruises, top 40 pop, e-readers, smartphones, frozen or refrigerated packaged meals, Orientalist tourism in India.

(But I don’t feel weird for not liking these things.)

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Video games
Mountain climbing
5 and 6” stilleto heels and platforms
Rap music
Huge showy engagement rings
Status symbol handbags, sneakers and watches
And much,much more!

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Honey boo boo!
Malt balls
American Idol
The Kardashians
Cheese Puffs

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Network TV
Fried food
Strippers-they always seem to have bad teeth
Shopping Malls
The President
Enormous tits. Nice proportions are good, but too much sort of looks silly.

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Political parties.

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Sports bars

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Reality TV shows.

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That’s quite alright, @Skaggfacemutt, more grits for me.
About 50 or 60.

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Reality TV (with exceptions for some home improvement and some cooking shows)
Designer anythings
Going to the beach
Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey and Mary Higgins Clark

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raised donuts
peanut butter
really high heeled shoes
steaks cooked well done

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Texting. I really don’t get it. People do it like it’s an emergency, that’s all I see people do everywhere. Or going on Facebook on your smartphone. Jesus fucking Christ, the site isn’t that great. Can’t people wait until they get home? Not that it ruins my life, but I completely fail to see the appeal.

And cable TV. How the fuck can people sit through commercials for hours on end is beyond me.

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@Symbeline : texting like it’s an emergency, that’s great haha. Maybe I’ll use that the next time I have to shame my students.

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Gossip. Mindless chatter. It really does make me hate some very nice people =/

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@bookish1 I’ll trade you some grits for a nice, juicy steak and a cruise!

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What is a raised donut ? I’ve heard of glazed donuts.

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@Symbeline This is how I get through commercials on cable TV. I record every show that I want to see, and watch it later so that I can fast-forward through the commercials. Or I can watch something on “on-demand” without commercials. Or I watch NetFlix. So I don’t understand – how do non-cable TV people do it?

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DVD box sets of stuff I like.

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Oh, so you are talking about TV and not just cable TV, right?

@picante I agree with convertables. There never seems to be a time when they are enjoyable. Always either too hot or too cold outside, or raining. Not to mention the wind tying your hair in knots. And the rag top always wears out before the car does.

I am sure they are lovely on a warm summer night, though. That is why I opted for a moon roof.

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