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Why would only part of the contact info can be copy and pasted?

Asked by flo (12974points) February 7th, 2013

I went to a site, and I repeatedly tried to copy and paste the whole contact info, i.e street address, email, fax, etc. but it would only paste the street address.

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Probably it was there as a graphic and not as characters onscreen, and probably it was done that way so it couldn’t be picked up by spam bots.

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@Jeruba there is nothing visibly different from all the other places I copy and paste from. Thanks.

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If you can’t highlight the individual characters themselves (the way you can in, say, this message), and instead it’s like a solid block (as, for example, the words ‘’ next to Dr. J in the panel at the top of this page), it’s a graphic.

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@Jeruba, By nothing visibly different I was covering Edited: all possiblities (if there are others) including graphics.
Why is it called Dr. J by the way?

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