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Rough siding raw wood, seal first or prime?

Asked by HenryFussy (108points) February 8th, 2013

I have installed rough sawn raw wood on my home in place of siding. Should I seal it before painting? Or would primer be better? I plan on using a sprayer.

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What kind of wood is it? That would make a differnce to me. I might want to see the grain so a sealer would be better. But if you don’t care about seeing it primer and then paint it.

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I definitely want to paint it. Just not sure if it needs to be sealed on primerd.

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I would say primer then paint it. It’s worth the effort to do it right the first time. You could probably get away with just paint but every time I try a shortcut it bites me in the ass. Welcome to fluther.

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Raw wood, outdoors, must be sealed before prime and paint. Otherwise it’s going to absorb water and rot away.

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It’s hard to advise you on how to paint rough sawn wood, because I wouldn’t even imagine doing it. Usually (in my experience, anyway) rough sawn wood is stained so that the grain and texture will show. I wouldn’t think about painting wood unless it had been planed and sanded smooth.

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I would stain it and then seal it. If you seal it first the stain won’t penetrate the wood and will not adhere to the surface for any length of time. There are products that will combine paint or stain with a sealer so you could do it all in one pass. If you do this and want to paint, I would read the directions on the can of sealer and see if you need to prime first.

The best advice I can give is stop in at a Home Depot and ask their expert.

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