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Any hardwood floor experts?

Asked by syz (35958points) January 22nd, 2009

So, my mom gave me my inheritance early and paid to have lovely, prefinished teak floors put in my house. Just a few months later, a workman installing some bookshelves scratched the hell out of the floor just inside the front door. Is there anything that I can do short of replacing that area?

It pains me every time I look at it.

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Is this the kind you can sand and refinish? If you have some scraps from when it was installed you can try it on the scraps first.

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Not really. Not knowing what the veneer wear layer is, sanding could be risky if you have large deep scratches. Typically prefinished flooring can be refinished 2–3 times before it needs to be replaced, so if your scratch already wore through these layers, replacement is your only option. Because these are prefinished you will also have an issue matching the stain. You could call the manufacturer and ask to purchase some of the stain from them, but just from slight variations in their process and the mixture you may see a difference. Are the scratches near the edge of your room, where it would be easy to replace? If so I would spend the money to have it replaced and try to get your workman to fork over some of the money.

I would also check your warrantee to see what it covers. Most of them cover the finish but not scratches, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Good luck.

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the workman’s insurance should pay to have it done, since he did it. you’re not responsible, he is.

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You can sand it out and restain the entire floor or you can lace in new wood in that area. Without seeing it I can’t tell you which option is best. I used to own a hardwood flooring company and we saw this kind of stuff all the time. Either way it’s not cheap nor that easy to fix. Sorry. Will the workers insurance not cover it?

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