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License for software containing GPL code?

Asked by gciochina (107points) February 8th, 2013

Hi. I have created an application that uses functionality from some GNU GPL licensed code.
My question is: what license should I use for my application in order to disallow others to change the part of the application that was written by me (so not the already existing GPL code)?

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What version of the GPL does it use?

If I remember correctly, it depends on how your application uses the GPL stuff. If it is a “derivative” I think you have to also use the GPL license.


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@phaedryx is right. I’m pretty sure that unless you’re linking to a compiled binary, then your code is required to be GPL open source too. IANAL but there is a reason why the GPL is called a “Viral” licens: it’s “free as in herpes.”

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Is it GPL or LGPL? If you’re linking to LGPL code, you can make up whatever license you want.

If it’s GPL, you can probably still distribute your own code and tell others how to link to it. You just can’t bundle.

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