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Did everyone make it through the blizzard okay?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) February 9th, 2013

We got nailed a bit, but not as bad as the rest of the Northeast. About 6 or 8 inches. How did our other jellies make out?

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It snowed quite a bit by me but I got home with no problems. Everything is good! :)

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15” and drifts up to three feet. I was plowed twice and grateful for it. Today I sat in my living room and watched five-foot icicles break loose from the eaves and land on the snowy deck with loud thumps.

The sun glinted off of every snowy or icy surface. It was very beautiful, and the passive solar effect raised the interior temperature to a toasty 75˚ even though I had the thermostat set at 60˚.

All in all, a very pleasant day after an anxious and restless night.

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We got about 2 feet here in Boston, but I just stayed home and had a relaxing time. I don’t have a car to shovel out, so that’s a good thing.

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North of the 49th up here in Cottage Country, we got a mere fifteen to twenty centimetres of the white stuff with this snowfall—that would be five or six inches to you. In past years, we’d have had two feet of snow on the ground by now.

I had to wait an extra couple of weeks to pull out my snowshoes this winter, but the wait was well worth it: my husband and I have ventured out snowshoeing across frozen wetlands, through loosely packed snowy fields and atop beaver ponds several times, thus far.

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Got a blizzard here for most of yesterday, but everything is fine. Wasn’t the worse so far this year, pretty tame. No problems to report, which is a good thing. We probably just got the ass end of it I think. Everything has been plowed, they were even doing WHILE the blizzard was happening.

Today it was pretty warm, so a lot of that snow that fell took a kick a kick to the ass.

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We got about 15 inches with 2 ft drifts. The worst part was the heavy, compacted snow at the end of the driveway, pushed there by the road plows. We live on the “in direction” side of a dead end road so the plows push all the snow in our direction. The folks on the other side just get a little of the remainder as the plow leaves. (I’ll remember that when I buy another house in my next life.) The pile was 3 feet high and about 5–6 feet wide of heavy salt and sand laden snow. Fortunately, my neighbor used his snowblower to cut a path for me so I could get mine out into the road and get busy. Everything was all cleaned up and ready to go by 11 AM.
I wisely elected to stay home and enjoy the warmth of the wood burning stove.

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@Trissinger I’ve always wanted to go snowshoeing! What kind of snow is good for snowshoeing? How do you know without trying it out that it will be good snow for walking on?

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I find this to be a rather ironic question considering if someone didn’t make it through “okay”, they (or their loved ones) might either be dead, or their power is out so they couldn’t respond.

So therefore the only people who probably could respond are the ones who did make it through okay. Just an observation.

But I do appreciate the sentiment and the empathy shown.

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Getting around campus is like walking through a labyrinth but everything’s fine! Didn’t even lose power.

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What kind of snow is good for snowshoeing? How do you know without trying it out that it will be good snow for walking on?

Almost any kind (hard pack or soft pack) of snow is good for modern snowshoes.

Some of them have serrated smaller soles for digging into and getting traction on hard pack snow, and have the larger area sole so that you won’t sink through soft pack snow.

I went backpacking in soft pack snow with them, and they worked great! IIRC, I rented them from an REI store.

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@Brian1946 Those look all hi tech and cool and I’m sure they work better but I always had this romantic frontier image of trekking across the snow like Jeremiah , lol.

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