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At what point does a difference in the size of your pupils become alarming?

Asked by RandomGirl (3362points) February 10th, 2013

About a half hour ago, I noticed that my pupils were different sizes. The left one was small, and the right one was larger and changing sporadically. I went away for a while, and when I came back, they were normal. A bit later, the right one was small, and the left one was larger and changing sporadically. I find this interesting because I haven’t had any head trauma or anything like that, and my head doesn’t hurt. Could it have something to do with the fact that I’m not wearing my glasses after a day of wearing them? I wear them all day, every day.

Needless to say, I’ll be watching it, more out of curiosity than anything. If it keeps up, at what point should I go to a doctor or optometrist?

Any theories that could explain why they’re behaving this way? Is it normal? Beyond head injuries, I’ve never heard of anything about pupil size.

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I am not sure but I remember that a difference up to like a millimeter is okay and somewhat common but anything beyond that is a problem or a consequence of some medications. I just googled too and it says it may be genetic but you’d have to be born that way, not just get that way today. If there are no other symptoms, then you’re probably fine. I’d still check it out though, with the optometrist.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir What if I’m nauseated and lightheaded? Does that fall into the “other symptoms” category? I think I might be fighting the common cold or the flu, but it’s making me wonder…

And the flu I’ve been exposed to repeatedly throughout the winter has been a doozy.

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@RandomGirl Yes, that might fall into ‘other symptoms’ but, like you said, it might also be unrelated. Ask the doc.

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I think you should ask a doctor. Uneven pupil size can be a sign of nerve damage or a problem with your brain. As you are also feeling nauseated and light-headed, better to be safe than sorry. Please see your doctor and report back to us to let us know you are okay.

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You definitely need to see a doctor. It could be nothing, but a sudden difference in pupil size along with nausea and being lightheaded is reason enough to seek medical attention.

Change in pupil size could be anything from an aneurysm to a seizure to a tumor to nothing at all. Better to be safe than sorry; see a doctor.

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See your doctor. Your symptoms are consistent with having a TVA.

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