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How do you kill a willow tree?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) February 12th, 2013

I have a pond on my property. On it, there is a small, ugly willow tree that does nothing but block my neighbors view of my pond. I was able to cut it down to nothing but a few stumps. Someone had already done this a few years ago but it had grown back. What can I do to prevent this tree from growing back?

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you could coat the whole stump in epoxy, or poison, or poisonous epoxy

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I think you’d have to dig up all the roots to completely kill it. Willows reproduce vegetatively, and they can sprout from roots. It’s probably not worth the effort to kill it; just resign yourself to either enjoying the tree or cutting it back periodically. When you do cut it, dump the cuttings somewhere far from home, because those can also sprout new willows, depending on the species.

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A large black tarp weighted with rocks will eventually kill it. I do not know if you can live with the eyesore in the meantime.

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Stump removal is probably your best bet.

@muhammajelly Maybe pile dirt and sod over it and plant some flowers or something.

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A big dose of Roundup.

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Try small doses over a few months of “Casoron Granules” (available at Home Dept and Lowes). That stuff is very powerful so wear gloves, a mask and eye protection. I put some of Casoron on my gravel to kill the weeds and just smelling the fumes make me sick for 2 days. But I might just be very sensitive to it.

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Any poison you put on the tree will eventually find its way into your pond, and from there into the water downstream. Read your labels completely and carefully!

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Never had the desire to kill a willow. Interested to see how this question unfolds.

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