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How do I get rid of tules (reeds)

Asked by simone54 (7581points) February 12th, 2013

I have a pond that is being taken over by tules. They are very ugly and I want to remove them. They are brown now and the water level is low so the time to remove them is now. They have these large, corkscrew roots that make it impossible to pull up by hand.

My current plan it to cut them off at the base with a Sawzall. Obviously thy will grown back. Will putting herbicide on the exposed roots kill them?

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Yep, but don’t plan to have any animal life (fish, etc) in the pond afterward. Make sure the herbicide you use decomposes quickly because you don’t want it to kill a waterlilly you put in there later.

I have never had a pond in my yard. I’m saying this based on experience with pesticides.

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Check out Monsanto Rodeo. It is a derivative of Roundup that is supposedly safe for fish ponds.
I’ve never used it. I put 2 triploid grass carp in my pond to take care of the weeds. They work great – chemical free.

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