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My cat has tapeworms but has never had fleas!

Asked by birdy120690 (20points) February 16th, 2013

I just found out my cat has tapeworms. It is too late to take him to the vet but i read they get them from fleas and he never has had fleas! He is strictly an indoor cat and i am a clean freak so there are no fleas in my house. How dangerous are they to me? What can i do in the meantime to make it safer? and How long after being treated will they go away?

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Tapeworms can be acquired other than by fleas. ALso if it was a flea it only takes one.

They are not dangerous to you. It is possible but highly unlikely for you to get them from your cat.

Take your cat to the vet to be treated ASAP. It will begin to work in 24 hors. and tapeworm segments may continue to be expelled for several days.

Once the danger has passed clean and disinfect the little box.

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The cat will be fine overnight or even the weekend.

But as @marinelife said make sure to get it to the vet. has a good cheap dewormer but you do need a perscription.

In the meantime make sure your cat has plenty of food and water. It will likely consume more then usual. It is ok.

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My indoor cat also got worms last summer. I FREAKED OUT when I spotted them on his poop that he had conveniently left for me in the middle of the living room carpet. Anyhow, they are pretty harmless to you and are probably not hurting him much either, my vet said it can be something they’ve had for years. That came as a surprise to me. Anyhow, I took him to the vet, they “dewormed” him, whatever that means, it was a pill I think. Like @marinelife said they can still pass out dead worms for a few days but I didn’t see any. I think my cat had a light case of it. I was never sure how he got them, cause he is indoor, and toothless, so he doesn’t eat anything besides powdered food. Anyhow, it’s really not a big deal. It cost me $63 dollars total.

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@deni the larvae was probably in the food. Just a guess : )

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All it takes is ingesting one infected flea. Cats can also get them from eating small wildlife too, rodents and birds and such. He may have had them for a long time, before he was an indoor cat. No worries, just get him dewormed, but at the vet. Do not trust any crappy OTC deworming products.

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Most farmer’s supply stores carry de-wormers. They’re not the grocery store variety, and are pretty good.

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I buy the same dewormer pills I can get at my vet on ebay (for a ¼ of the price). Since I have four cats, I deworm them regularly. @snowberry is correct, farm supply stores usually carry pretty good worming pills.

I prefer the one pill treatment, since cats aren’t fond of pills.

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I just managed to score a dewormer that you rub between the front shoulder blades from my cat rescue lady. She gets donations and I help her out sometimes. No piils for my tabby.

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I wonder what that is??? I use ivermec on my dogs, have for years, it kills everything except tapes. It is only licensed for livestock so vets don’t prescribe it but it takes care of heartworm, all worms except tapes, and mange and ticks too. A squirt on the shoulder once a month and you’re set. I hate the chemicals but paralysis ticks can kill them so I take it as the lesser of the evils.

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Yikes that does sound like the lesser of two evils. I will have to check. I am dog sitting right now and they requested I stay nights the rotty.

She is much more of a baby then my tabby cat. Will get back to you tomorrow on that.

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@rooeytoo Ok It is Profender. Bayer Cross formula. It says emodeyside/proziquantel. I don’t know if that will help because it is a cat formula not sure if they have something for larger creatures.

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Thanks @rosehips, I will research further!

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