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In courtroom scenes from the movie Philadelphia, what are most memorable?

Asked by flo (13313points) February 17th, 2013

There was a question by the defense lawyer to a female witness “Then why did….? and she answered
“I don’t know why.” The lawyer thought he got her just because she didn’ know but it turns out that the fact that she did’t know why didn’t help the defense’s case.
Do you remeber that part?

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My favorite part was when Denzel Washington told Tom Hanks to open his shirt and then had him look at himself in the mirror.

“Can you see the lesions on your chest in this mirror?”

Here’s the scene.

So powerful. I love that movie.

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I love the movie, too. One of my favorite scenes was the costume party, and afterwards, when Hanks danced to the aria. You could just see Denzel watching him and first time realizing he truly caring for his dying client.

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I loathed the movie Philadelphia. I have never felt so smacked over the head with a message in my entire life. From the first scene where an ailing Tom Hanks is holding his baby niece/nephew to that horrible scene of him singing opera, the movie was one giant mallet. Mind you, when I saw this movie one of my dear friends was losing his long time lover to AIDS. While there is no doubt the movie was good intended it went way over the top. To my mind there is not a single courtroom memorable courtroom scene.

P.S. One of the two Oscars he didn’t deserve was given to Tom Hanks for that performance, the thought of it boggles my mind.

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@livelaughlove21 thanks for that link, It is indeed powerful.
@Pachyderm_In_The_Room thanks
@SuperMouse which movies are on the top of your list?

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So, nobody here remembers that part where she answers the defense lawyer: “I can’t explain it”, as if to say the fact that I can’t explain it means nothing.?

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@SuperMouse I knew Tom in school, and was pretty good friends with John Gilkerson, who Tom credited as an inspiration for this movie. I thought he did very well in this movie, though I didn’t think much of Forrest Gump. My favorite movie of his is Sleepless in Seattle.
@livelaughlove21 gave the scene I remember best. First struggling to see a bruise on his head in the mirror, then opening his shirt.

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@filmfann i enjoy Tom Hanks in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle and Big. What I can’t stand is when he tries to get overwrought and serious because he just ends up chewing the scenery. To be fair, I don’t think the failure of Philadelphia falls squarely on Hanks’ shoulders, I think Jonathan Demme had an incredibly heavy hand directing it and wanted to send a very strong message. Unfortunately he really, really overdid it. I am not sure what knowing Hanks has to do with it, but cool that you were in school together.

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@SuperMouse I mention knowing him because I want to make the point that even though I know him I don’t like all his movies.

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