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Is it okay to deliver the book in person rather than USPS?

Asked by chelle21689 (6995points) March 31st, 2011

I sold a book online and noticed that the address the book needs to be sent to is only 20 minutes away from where I live. I know now to be stupid and meet them at their house alone but do you think it’s okay to deliver it to them personally instead of USPS?

Also if I do decide this, any tips to avoid complications like saying I never delivered the book to them and wanting money back?

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1. Meet them in a public place.

2. Make them sign a form (that you type up) saying that they received the book.

3. Make sure they are willing.

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Just send it to them via USPS. It’s just a lot simpler.

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I have had people from ebay deliver things to my house in person before most from FAR away I’ve had no problems with it. That said, I’d never deliver anything to anyone’s house that I sell on ebay. Too much of a hassle. Shipping a book via USPS costs so little.

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Absolutely not. When you offered it for sale, you said you would ship it. You have no right to show up to their house.

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As a frequent purchaser of books via Amazon Marketplace, I can tell you that I would not want my book dropped off in person unless you were someone I already knew. I agree with @MrItty.

I suppose if you lived in my own actual neighborhood, within a block or two of my house, it would be all right, but I’d know you were just avoiding the shipping charge even though you’d received an allowance for it from Amazon.

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Dunno. Seems kind of serendipitous to me. I’d want to meet them.


If they say no, you have the perfect fallback.

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I don’t trust the USPS, and NEVER use it. It’s too costly and inefficient compared to the alternatives. Just put the book in a box, take it to their house, and leave it on their front porch, the same way the gold standard in delivery, FedEx, does.

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FedEx also has marked boxes, tracking numbers, delivery history, and a reputation. I would not be interested in finding a random unmarked box on my front porch. If I received an ordered and paid-for book that way (including payment for shipping, remember), I would complain to Amazon and give the shipper a bad rating.

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I would be very suspicious if you came to my house, instead of using a parcel post company. I would first suspect that you just might be a serial killer, using your book just locate my address and commit a crime.

I think this is why ebay started using the parcel post companies. It eliminates giving out too much personal information to people that should not have it.

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like @john65pennington stated, it is out of the ebay agreement. I would find it creepy. Just mail it, certified to ensure you have proof of delivery.

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If I found a random unmarked box on my doorstep, I’d be calling the cops before opening it.

I don’t understand what your problem is with using a carrier – the buyer pays for shipping, so it’s not like you’d even be saving any money.

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ask them what delivery method they would use, (other than you). don’t be foolish and take a package to someone’s house. As a young woman, your safety is paramount, plus the hassle of the drive is more than necessary.

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@12Oaks Having worked for UPS and FedEx, I can tell you that USPS is cheaper for about 90% of your shipping needs. Hell they openly told me that at the training for BOTH jobs. The reason they stay in business is because they perpetuate a myth that your package will be far more likely to arrive safely and on time than if you used USPS.

Fact of the matter is to send a letter via UPS or FedEx will cost you a couple dollars, whereas it would be 44 cents with USPS. Flat rate shipping boxes at USPS beat any shipping at UPS and Fedex for the same size. Hell FedEx actually uses USPS for a lot of its smaller packages and cities where it doesn’t have hubs set up yet (they’re the smallest of the 3). Some of the bigger shipped items are cheaper to use UPS, but honestly not by that much. And if you spent one night in a UPS hub seeing how the boxes are “treated” .... you’d probably hand deliver your mail for the rest of your life.

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@tedd I don’t use USPS, and hadn’t for over a decade. Too expensive and inefficient. FedEx is the way I use it. Had 100% satisfaction and delivery arrivals ontime. Can’t say that for USPS…. not even close.

100% of what arrives in my state mandated mailbox goes right into the garbage can. I hate that that stranger is legally allowed to trespass onto my property without my permission. That’s why I move my state mandated mailbox to the most inconvenient place for the state employeed trespasser. He delivers garbage. Nothing more.

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We live on a training route for FedEx. After multiple unfortunate delivery attempts, I finally discovered that a new driver will drop a package off any old place just to get rid of it. The company simply takes the driver’s word that they dropped it off at the right spot. It’s ridiculous!

So if you’re going to use FedEx, make them deliver it to a FedEx office and go pick the thing up there once it arrives!

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