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Do you think it would have a positive or negative consequence on society if The Man lightened up a little?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) February 18th, 2013

I’ve seen a few things on FB that are probably photo shopped but I find them wonderfully refreshing. This for example. And this.
Would society just fall apart due to frivolousness if more of this kind of humor was allowed, or would people just relax and smile more? OK, the first one, the road sign, probably not a good idea if there is really construction ahead, but you get my drift.

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Most people love it when they see something like that, as long as it is clever and original. The more the merrier, nothing wrong with putting a smile on people’s faces!.

But don’t do it unless you are really funny. Spare me some old Star Trek or Darth Vader reference.

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I’d smile. But it’s always risky to assume that everyone sees things the same, especially if they depend on a cultural context that some share and others don’t. (Not everybody watches TV, not everybody has heard of the same celebrities, not everybody knows the same movies, nursery rhymes, advertising slogans, etc.) If there’s a chance that a misunderstanding could cause problems or create some sort of risk, then it’s better to play it straight.

I’m just talking here about things done officially or in the name of some authority.

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The idea reminds me of the movie Idiocracy for some reason ;-)

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Positive. Man is better off having an ample sense of universal humor.

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Positive, as long as they know their audience.

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Personally, I think it’s the woman who needs to lighten up more.

Come on!

Lighten up, ladies!

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[mod says] Minor typo in title corrected via internal edit.

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I love all that kind of thing, I have a ton of those sites on my fb, mostly secular and maybe a little dirty, but I love clever word twists.

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I’m afraid to ask why “anal” is one of the topics…

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Dutchess to Mod…I have you a lurve for that! Thanks for the correction. I keep forgetting that I have to manually tell it to spell check.

@fremen_warrior I will check out that movie!

@FutureMemory ‘anal’ is one of the topics because some people get their butts all puckered up when they see something less than deadly serious in a “proper” memo or work email or note or whatever.

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And puckered butt syndrome is one of the most devastating and least properly diagnosed illnesses in the world today.

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