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Have you noticed any "outstanding signs" held by the homeless, when begging?

Asked by john65pennington (29258points) March 18th, 2011

Needless to say, some homeless people are smart and creative, especially when it comes to making their own signs and begging for money. I saw this one the other day and could not help myself laughing at it….WILL WORK FOR BAIL. You will have to admit this is a clever sign and it seemed to work great for this homeless person holding it. Question: there are a lot of unique signs, made by the homeless out there. Would you care to share the ones you have seen?

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Here are a bunch of funny ones.

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My friend Willie buys them and uses them in his art and as a way to promote awareness and aid for the homeless . Here’s a sample of his favorite signs and here he is on video talking about it

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Need money for new penc….

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There is a really interesting looking guy here with a really cool bike who always has a sign with him that says “Sometimes people just need some help”. I don’t know why, but I just like that. It’s just the simple truth. I think there’s a pic of him on Flickr somewhere….found it!

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I seriously saw a guy in Santa Barbara holding a sign that said “whatever helps, even sex”

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Why lie? I need a beer!

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A guy over by the Haymarket one Friday when the open-air vendors were all selling their wares had a sign saying “I need $25 for a bus to Aruba.” I thought that was creative enough for a buck.

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In Spain I saw two men sitting behind four signs: Para Cerveza, Para Vino, Para Whiskey, and Para Resaca
(For beer, for wine, for whiskey, for hangover)

You could choose where to put your money; I donated for vino y resaca.

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My own sign: I have noticed that business (as a street musician) has gotten as lot better since I posted a sign saying, “Playing Back Student Loans!”
Get the word play?

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Not Lazy. Not Stupid. Not Drunk. Not On Drugs. The World Kicked My Ass. Help Me Fight Back.

I gave the guy nine bucks. He said “Thank you sir, I won’t let you down”. A few weeks later I saw him at the Cardinals game, clean shaven and smiling, selling cotton candy in the stands. I’d like to think that my nine dollars really did help him get back on his feet.

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“Please contribute to the Jack Daniels study club”
I contributed.

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“Homeless Doctor. Will give free physical for food”.

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