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Where do you go to find out who lived in your home prior to you?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9847points) February 22nd, 2013

City Hall? Can you find out online?

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You can do it yourself at county records, or you can have a title company do it for you. They should have had that info at closing as you, your mortgage bank, and your insurance company all have a vested interest in you getting clear title to your property.

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The hall of records will tell you who OWNED the house but there are no public records of renters addresses. You might find it through voter registration. They’re public.

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You can’t find out who lived there but you can find out who owned the house at any time by tax records. You may can do it online. Start at your state’s official website

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Try propertyshark. I’ve never tried their site before but you have the option of searching by address.

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All of those records should be in the County Court House.

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Check the county’s web site.

Look for property records (deeds & mortgages) and tax bills (for the tax payer mailing address).

Some counties have this online. Some do not.

Blockshopper shows buyers’ and sellers’ names for large metropolitan areas in the US.

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My house is from the 1850’s. I rent, but am curious about previous owners.

CWOTUS's avatar used to have information about ownership changes over time. I don’t know if that’s still possible with the free account or not. I still like Zillow a lot for basic information and comps.

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I’m Canadian. I wonder if there is a Canadian site.

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Do you own or rent? If you own you have a title history.

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Okay. Then your provinces central seat should have a public records office. You can find the deed and then trace it back.

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I live in the UK, so here it would either be the land registry, or your local council register for elections. If property was tenanted.

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