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Why doesn't Fluther work on my android phone?

Asked by MilkyWay (13738points) February 24th, 2013

I’ve tried logging in through the mobile website and desktop version on my android phone but it doesn’t let me log in. Does anyone know why and if I can fix this?

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I am unsure, but would hazard a guess that it’s your browser. Personally, I use Dolphin Mini.

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Describe what happens when you try to log in.

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Works perfect on mine. Many browser options and it works well in each (Dolphin, Opera, Chrome, etc)

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Try downloading Chrome and see if it works.

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Works on my Android. I don’t even know what my browser is.

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What it could be: your username is saved in the prediction dictionary of your phone’s keyboard, and when you enter Mi you click the suggested MilkyWay.
Which then will be put in the login-username box.
Plus an added space (which could be viewed as an extra symbol by the Fluther site.
But this is just a guess…..

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It should work, so it’s likely to be something on your end. Has it ever worked from your phone? If so, and it’s not now, is there a way to clear the cache on the phone?

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Works great on my Galaxy Note 2. Note: The browser is the more important piece of info here. I use Chrome.

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I’m using the stock Android browser on my Galaxy tab and it works fine. It also works on Firefox.

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