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OKCupid: Question about how "hiding" works?

Asked by marmoset (1166points) February 27th, 2013 from iPhone

If I hide someone, does it just mean that I won’t see him anymore in my list of matches? For example, if I hide someone and then he decides to write to me (and he’s never written to me before and I’ve never written to him), will his message still be delivered normally, and without a note to me or to him that I’ve hidden him?

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Good question. I assumed I could “hide” people I was repelled by, but they keep coming up. Like, OKCupid reaaalllllly wants me to get interested in these losers no matter what I myself have to say about them.

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Yes. That feature is just to help weed out people you are not interested in from search results. It is not meant to block communication.

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Hiding does not block users from contacting you. Hiding only hides that person from your search results, for example if you’re tired of seeing their profile continuously pop up on your page.

They do have a separate block feature if you wish to block users.

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Thank you, that makes sense (and I definitely have “blocked” some guys too – I’m glad they have two separate features and one is stronger than the other).

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