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"Good to the very last drop." What's wrong with the last drop?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) March 3rd, 2013

I definitely present OCD when it comes to getting the last drop out of a jar, a toothpaste tube, or what have you. How about you? Do you figure the last drop’s no good anyway, like the Maxwell House slogan seems to imply, and just chuck the container when it gets low? Or are you more like me, always figuring there’s one more drop in there if I just leave a liquid container inverted long enough, or apply sufficient pressure to an empty toothpaste tube with a large pair of pliers or a vice?

Do those squeeze bottles of condiments like ketchup and mustard drive you nuts because there’s at least a quarter of a bottle left on their walls when they begin to sputter and refuse to dispense a steady stream?

BTW, I actually drink Maxwell House® Coffee, the originator of the “Good to the very last drop.” slogan. But I do avoid the last drop of it, just to play it safe.

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I always thought that the Maxwell line was implying that it all of the drops were good, up to and including the last one.

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That means “including the last drop.”

“Good until the last drop” would exclude the last drop.

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Where is the NSFW tag?

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I always try to get everything out of a jar. I really like olive paste (I know, I’m strange), and it’s stressful to look at the sides and know you’re not gonna be able to ever get at the last few drops. Same goes for soda in a can—it’s hard to finish it 100%.

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I am Dutch.
According to popular belief we are a people that squeezes last drops out of everything.
I believe we invented the bottle scraper…

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^^^ Looks like a back scratcher to me.

(And you are not Dutch, but an American, probably born in Brooklyn and lying about living in the Netherlands.)

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@gailcalled Ssshhhh, don’t tell.
It is a back scrather, indeed.

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I was kind of hoping this was an NSFW question too.

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It trickled down your mother’s arse crack during your birth, it was the best bit as well, shame ~ :-)

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@rebbel You live in Brooklyn?? You’ve been holding out on me?

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@rebbel You’ll always be a Dutchman to me.
Test question: How do you pronounce Gouda?

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Just to one better then you I have known to cut bottles in half, I also have a couple of specialized spatulas. Nothing as fancy as the Dutchman’s though, @rebbel apparently has us all beat.

@Sunny2 Though I am not Dutch I would say it is “good ya”

The question did send my mind places, but that says nothing about me.

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(khow-dah, with a guttural rasp at the beginning).)

Van Gogh… Gutteral (with a little saliva spray) plus the end of “loch” with another gutteral.

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Oh—what a waster I am. :-( I toss out all kinds of stuff too soon, including personal care items like soap, toothpaste, shave cream, and shampoo, and food products like vegatables, condiments, dairy and leftovers.

Peanuts, however, I eat every single one.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room And what about the cheese?

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I just turn the bottles upside down and let them sit over night. Easy squeezy.

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@janabb… It’s the first thing always to get totally polished off in my house.

_or cut__

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I have been using an apparently depleted squeeze bottle of Oil of Olay moisterizer for weeks now, thanks to my mother’s frugality. Upside down storage after each use.

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The best trick to get all the spaghetti sauce out of the jar is to stick a forkful of noodles in there, stir then around, and dump them onto your plate. Or just eat out of the jar if all the plates are in the sink.

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Ask me again Friday. Make it NSFW. : )

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I agree the Maxwell slogan is meant to include the last drop—which in coffee would imply there are no nasty grounds sloshing around in your cup.

I try getting the most out of most products… I flatten the toothpaste tube strategically as it goes, and I use a really long little spoon to get the last bits out of the peanut butter jar.
I think my parents installed in me a (usually) healthy aversion to waste.

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Bah. Everyone knows the last swig of coffee is lukewarm and horrible.

If it’s Maxwell House, that goes for every swig.

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@glacial & @gailcalled Seems to me that the slogan could just as easily mean good to, but not including, the very last drop.

@ragingloli, @bookish1 & @mazingerz88 Clearly I need to consider that last drop in this cuming TGIF question.

@rory Olive paste? Sounds good. I’ve got to try that. And yes, those soda cans with their convoluted ends are impossible to empty. You could saw the can in half, but then the last drop would be full of metal shavings.

@rebbel I’ve definitely got to ge me a bottle scrapper. Thanks.

@ucme & @rosehips Hold those thoughts for next week’s NSFW version. To be honest, RoseHips sends my mind places too. :-)

@gailcalled I can definitely forgo the last drops of spittle that erupt with strong gutterals.

@Pachyderm_In_The_Room We’d make a fine Odd Couple with me playing Felix Unger to your Oscar Madison.

@gailcalled My mom and dad survived the Great Depression, so they modeled and taught “Waste not, want not.” Dad devised a slotted metal pin that he could slide over the end of a toothpaste tube and then roll the tube flat around the pin till it was utterly empty. And upside down bottles were a norm as well.

@wildpotato I do that too. And also spoon a little coffee into the nearly empty container of half & half to get the remaining coffee creamer out.

@dabbler & @Seek_Kolinahr See there. Whatever the slogan was supposed to mean, the last drop of Maxwell House coffee is to be avoided. The one thing I’ll waste. Perhaps its the contrarian in me. If the TELL me to use the last drop, I won’t do it.

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Maxwell House – every drop is as awful as the last one.

Generally I prefer not to waste things in jars and I’ll scrape out as much as I can, but when drinking tea or coffee I always leave a bit in the bottom of the cup. That’s where the sediment settles and it usually tastes – well not exactly awful but certainly not as good as the rst of the cup. I also tend to leave the last little bit of a bottle of red wine for the same reason.

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@ETpro I like to eat one, and only one, Lay’s potato chip whenever I encounter a bag. Same reason.

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@downtide That reminds me. I’ve got some red wine dregs I’ve been collecting. Time to go drain them.

@Seek_Kolinahr Same here. Don’t need the salt.

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The lees in the case of wine and the grounds in the case of coffee—the “mud” in the case of Greek coffee—and the dregs in the case of everything else. These usually aren’t problems in modern times, though.

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Pouring off a liquid to leave behind solids is called ‘decanting’, as in a ‘decanter’, a vessel made to encourage the solids to stay behind during pouring.
(Also as in Yellow Submarine, Paul: “They’re decanting!” @ 1:13:15 where the liquid is leaving the vessel, exposing Sgt. Pepper’s Band who had been turned to stone by the blue meanies).

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You know, I used to drink the entire pot of coffee, but thanks to this thread, I have stopped drinking the very last few sips, because the grounds are nasty!

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@dabbler Nice decanting of those facts.

@bookish1 Grounds for a last-drop divorce if I ever heard of grounds for divorce.

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It’s ok until you start calling it CDO. You know, in alphabetic order like it should be.

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The very last drop includes dyslexia, no?

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