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What do you allow yourself to do, that you normally wouldn't, just because it's your birthday?

Asked by tinyfaery (42226points) March 3rd, 2013 from iPhone

I usually allow myself to pig out on whatever I want. I also refuse to clean.

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I always refuse to cook or clean up dinner on my birthday—I mean I’m 18 and live with my parents, so they pretty much take up the slack for me. I also refuse to deal with any drama, go to bed at a reasonable hour, or tolerate crowded subways.

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MIlo here; Poop outside the litter box.

Many happy returns. I am very fond of pigs so consider pigging out to be good.

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Smoke a cigar (montecristo no4 usually… I know I know… it’s a prerty boring choice but I can’t waste my one smoke a year trying something new that I might not like)

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Indulge in my favorite almond paste frosted cake. It’s too expensive for me to have more than once a year.

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Eat whatever the hell I want, and long term consequences be damned. Usually I am an excruciatingly responsible diabetic.

Take the day off except for immediate work responsibilities. (In other words, not tormenting myself with the thought that I should be working every waking hour. Hmm, I should have birthdays more often.)

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@tinyfaery Is it your birthday?
Happy Birthday?

Hmm I dunno if I do anything special. Or that it has become traditional at any rate. I have a new thing every year. I think this year I may get my hair cut and spring for some lowlights, or a mani and pedi.

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Every birthday I allow myself to buy myself an expensive gift.

Hmm, come to think of it, I do that when it’s not my birthday, too.

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The only difference between every other day and my birthday is that I go to the dentist.
I find celebrating my birthday to be self centered and narcissistic.

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Nothing, really. I’ll have a piece of cake on my birthday and on those of other family members. There’s nothing I refuse to do. Dishes need washing and floors need sweeping any day. Some years I’ll actually take on major chores starting on my birthday because it helps motivate me. I usually find big household projects pathetically easy to postpone.

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If I can swing it, I will take myself to a movie, alone. As far as not cooking or cleaning up, it has to be done and I’m it. This past year, I worked all day and then took my son to a local dance where I just dropped him off and then sat at a cafe where I ordered a wine, and then the waiter heard it was my birthday and he brought me a second wine. I got quite a shock. (and a buzz…) But I slept well when I got home. (I was not driving, btw… )

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Have a piece of chocolate cake and sleep in if it’s a weekend.

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We go to a Woodranch BBQ restaurant on my b’day, but I would allow myself to do that any other day of the year; it’s just that of all my friends, I’m the only one that wants to go there.

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If I can, I take the day off work and do something nice. Have birthday cake.

Happy Birthday @tinyfaery if it’s your birthday.

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March 1st was my b-day.

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@tinyfaery Awesome a pisces, they are the best well I hope it was pleasant and fun. What did you do for yourself?

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