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Do you read web comics?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) June 12th, 2008

Just wondering if any of you read comics on the Web and if you have good links to share. I read Hello Cthulhu

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we’ve had this discussion a few times…since you weren’t around, here’s a link to one of the discussions…which has some links to other discussions

the one i read most often, by the way, is

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I find Ctrl Alt Del pretty amusing.

I am addicted to XKCD – if you haven’t seen it, you really should have!

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Yes indeed, I read XKCD and NatalieDee.

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@ccatron: I searched for web comics (2 words) and didn’t find any! Thanks for the link

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Yep. Calvin and Hobbes and XKCD.

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I won’t be able to link sorry due to limitations at school (blockers and such) but I read XKCD and Cyanide and Happiness (sp) but there are some other good ones like the already mentioned Ctrl Alt Del and another one along the lines of Legostar Galactica or something. I’ll try and find a link when I get home :)

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Would you like a cookie?

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I long for the day in which I will feast upon your immortal soul.

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NOOOO cookies are nicer eat one.

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Are you hungry? Have a cookie!

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I would hate to have a cookie, you vapid waste of inedible flesh.

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What cookie?

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What, Cookie?

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Cookie? Sure, here, have mine

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Bleah! This tastes like cold flesh!

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@wildflower and @playthebanjo – alright that’s enough…people can read the comic for themselves…geez.

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I thought they were just being weird… : o

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For those of us in grad school, there is PhdComics

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yes, I like because they have a place on the site where you can submit your version of that day’s comic.

And, I like the blog/cartoon It’s super funny and very true! :)

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You really should check out Demian5
Watch in particular ‘When I am King’.

Grim's avatar is full of delicious insta-win. if you’re a videogame nerd (much like myself), and a simple apology, for the lulz.–07-18

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XKCD is definitely my favorite, but I’m a fan of Savage Chickens too – it’s generally pretty funny, and every now and then he comes out with something truly hilarious…

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Sometimes, but speaking of comics (and this is on-topic, because it is also online), I regret to inform everyone that Opus is gonna die soon…

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