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Silly question of the day: If you were a mermaid or merman, where would you like to live?

Asked by Sunny2 (18842points) March 9th, 2013

You have the waters of the entire earth to call home. What would you choose and why? You get to choose a companion as well. Well?

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The water between Maui and Lanai. It’s warm and calm.

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I wanna live in the bathtub of Karly Foulks, the TMobile girl. And my companion is Trixie, Speed Racer’s girlfriend.

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Dude, fuck that. I’d be a Viking on a drakkar, laying waste everywhere.

But well if I can’t be that, I’d be a mermaid in the Atlantic ocean, wearing bone pieces over my boobs, and leading Viking ships to victory, with my war songs.

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I’m sure @Hawaii_Jake has a great recommendation, but I sure loved the coral reefs I saw scuba diving off Jamaica years ago. I’d try there first.

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A cabin in the woods.

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Easy…The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. Most amazing place I’ve ever seen/been in…Home of Nemo…I’ve met him!

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A yellow submarine as long as there are no pedals to operate as that tail isn’t adapted properly!

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I’d like to live in one if the Scottish Lochs please, I assume merfolk aren’t just restricted to the sea?!?!

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@Symbeline: You sure you don’t want to be a siren and lure those silly sailors from sedentary civilizations to their doom? ;)

I would live in the tropics and befriend monkeys who would bring me fruit.

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But if I do that, who’s gonna steal fruit for me?

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I’d like to live somewhere warm and comfortable and pretty, and be visited often by Captain Jack Sparrow. If that’s not an option, I’ll volunteer to be @Symbeline‘s MSB- mermaid shieldmaden bitch!

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I’d be a filthy mermaid who lives in the Ganges river that swims among the decaying bodies and trash.

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Ariel’s bedroom.

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