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Any possibility of Fluther having an upload photo within the asking question section in the near future?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 13th, 2013

Or perhaps some sort of partnering with an included link to one of the safer image upload websites?

Just wondering

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Nope – not gonna happen. No new development is being done on Fluther now.

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Some of us would not be in favor of it in any case.

But incorporating a link in a question or comment is easy enough to do.

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Fluther already has some photosharing sites. Go to Fluther on or a Fluther page on photobucket

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Nope. Within 10 mins someone would post a penis. It’s a universal truth of the internet.

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@Lightlyseared How do you put a penis in the post? UPS?

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A post hole?

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I doubt it. You can post a photo and link to it. Why do we need it?

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That would be a scary prospect, for the reason invoked by @Lightlyseared

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There is practically zero chance. There is no active development on the site, and we don’t have the money for there to be active development. A second reason is storage space. Compared to text, pictures take up a lot of space. This is why a Word document with 1,149 words is only 20 kilobytes, while a 400×400 pixel PNG image is 627 kilobytes. Storage space costs money, which we can’t afford.

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I personally believe that the link thing we have is good enough. Not that I would be against this idea, I mean if peeps were fine with it. I just don’t see much of a point when we already have something that works good for that.

But eh no, it’s not going to happen any time soon, if ever. The creators of this site have left Fluther in limbo and it will keep running as it is, but future plans/additions are undetermined.

Also, lol.

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@Symbeline you need some curly fries to top that off.

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@jnabb you hack it off with bread knife first.

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