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After two weeks, kittens eyes are not open. Is this normal?

Asked by erus (80points) March 18th, 2013

What can I do to help him open them?

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It’s probably nothing to be concerned about but I would call the vet to ask something like this. How does he seem otherwise?

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It’s a little slow but don’t do anything to try to open them. Kittens develop on different schedules. They’ll know when it’s right.

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Don’t handle the kittens too much. It will make their eyes sore. I don’t know the proper term for the condition and feel a little silly saying sore eyes, but you’ll know what it is if you see kittens with this condition from too much handling. It may be an infection of some sort. Anyway, give it just a little longer. Let nature take its course. There isn’t anything you can do. Is the mother licking and cleaning them properly?

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Nothing. Leave them alone and they’ll open when they’re ready.

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Nine to fourteen days is normal and long-haired breeds tend toward the longer times. They may barely open and look like slits till 17 days or more. If it’s right at 2 weeks, sounds pretty normal. If it goes much longer, then check with a vet. Good luck with the new kitten.

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Wait, you have ONE two-week-old kitten? How could that happen?
Where’s his mother? Where are his siblings? If his mother is present, and if his sibs also have their eyes still closed, all is well.
If you, a human being without the ability to produce catmilk, are trying to raise a 2 week old kitten, you’re not really equipped properly. Please give us more info.

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I just realized that it is one kitten that we are discussing. When I read, @ETpro‘s response, “Good luck with the new kitten,” I reread the question. I’m with @susanc on this. Please, provide some additional information about the kitten and the rest of the litter.

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Our kittens ( in the past) took 6 weeks.
We did not interfere with the mother cats ability to look after her own.
Everything worked out Ok.

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It looks like kittens plural not kitten’s to me in the question.

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@Arewethereyet Yeah, but the details say “help him” not them.

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Ah yes your right

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