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WHY or WHY NOT are you going to upgrade to the new iPhone?

Asked by courtneyxcupxakes (33points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I asked this question earlier without the why or why not and they deleted it before I could read the results. Ugh.

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Once again, I would get one to replace the iPod Touch I’m currently tapping on but the $70/month is too much. Furthermore if I had an iPhone I would sell mine before the new one comes out and go without an iPhone for a couple weeks. This way I get some money to pay for the new one. The only reason I’m not typing on an iPhone right now is the insane monthly fees. In conclusion, the new 3G, GPS, and 16GB is worth the mere $300 if your already paying for the service.

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If there is some kind of trade in offer going on, then yes I will trade mine in for the new one. If not, then no.

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I heard if you jailbreak them you can sell them on ebay for more than you probably paid in the first place.

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the current iPhone. Not the new ones

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@courtneyxcupxakes is totally right about selling current iphones, people in other countries will buy them

@trogdor_87 nope, there is no trade in offering

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I am going to upgrade to the new 3G 16Gig model and give my Hubby my old 8 gig 2.5 model.

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I was going to, until I saw they raised the data fee by $10/mo. The monthly fees are already outrageous.

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I think the jailbroken iPhone is of less value on ebay than an unlocked one. Jailbreak let’s you have 3rd party apps, unlocked lets you use other carriers. There’s a difference. I think.

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On top of an additional $10 a month (totalling $240 over the life of the contract) I wouldnt even be able totals advantage of the faster 3G. GPS would be nice but since I mostly use my iPhone for music and phone its a nice but not necessary addition. Plus the new Iphone isn’t significantly different from the original so that once u add a case they look identical. Don’t even get me started about how they may not include the 250 text messages that came with the original data plan.

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Make sure you have AT&T 3G coverage in your area, too.

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i am not going to upgrade, they software update for my iPhone edge will be just fine. I personally going to wait for iPhone iChat.

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I just posted mine on ebay… So well see how that goes

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I am going to upgrade.
Why? Because o2 will give me the phone for free and the line rental is the same.

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I don’t think I’ll be upgrading. I’m on my iPhone right now and love it! GPS would be amazing…but I think they’ll have some kind of GPS app in the 2.0 software update (can’t wait for that by the way). 3G would be nice but it’s currently not in my area and the nearest location is about 200 miles away. So…maybe someday…but in the near future no.

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I got offered $940 for my phone. Needless to say I’m going for it and I’ll be getting a new one.

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