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Where is a good place to start learning about audio production and recording?

Asked by fourtoone (1points) March 23rd, 2013

I want to be able to self-record, and mix audio. I know absolutely nothing about audio. Is there a website, or anything, that I can learn the VERY basics about audio? Most sites I visit seem to be geared towards people who are fairly familiar with production/recording/EQ.

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It takes a bit of time and practice and trial and error but on a quick Google this site doesn’t look like the worst advice you could get

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See if there are any recording studios where you live. If so, call and ask if you can sit in on some recording and editing sessions. Chances are, one of the engineers will be happy to host you, and you’ll come away with more near hand-son knowledge than you can get on any site. Everything I know about audio, which was a big part of my career, I learned this way.

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The Hollywood Musicians Institute. But that’s kind of expensive.

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Ok, here is how you really going to learn. Buying your audio editing app of choice. and start watching the video tutorials. If you start evolving your ear to understand the mastering skills you will learn faster about mixing and mastering. In the mean time practice editing over and over until you dont think too much for editing needs. Then, start working on your hearing training. (Recomended with flat speakers)

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