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Computer Musicians: Audio interface or USB mixer?

Asked by DeanV (14216points) July 11th, 2010

To put it simply, I’ve been looking to record external instruments into my computer (particularly guitars and bass) and I’d like to pick up some sort of audio interface.

I’ve previously been using Ableton Live and a headphone cable with ¼” adapter going directly through my Macbook’s soundcard, but the latency on that is so terrible it makes recording seriously impossible.
So I need to invest in some sort of interface. Would it be easier and more convenient to buy a USB/Firewire interface like this or to get a USB mixer instead?

I’d also like to be able to use the product I buy as a DJ system so I can run a headphone preview line out as well. (Essentially have two sound outputs).

So what product would be best for something like that?

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CALL musician’s friend and describe your needs and they’ll hook you up.

Sweetwater is also a great place with a very knowledgeable staff.

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I’ve used the Fast Track Pro to do exactly the two things you describe…very low latency and it does preview out on the headphone out (a/b mix knob allows you to choose what you want to monitor). The preamps on the Fast Track Pro are pretty decent for what you’re doing on the recording side.

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