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What does the Kool-Aid man say in every Kool-Aid commercial?

Asked by craziprincess (130points) June 12th, 2008

He says “Oh Yeaaah” as he’s breaking through the wall, but what else does he say? Does anyone remember?

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“Alllll right!”

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“uh oh” when the oranges fall out of the truck or the kool-aid explodes through the wall.

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“Ohhhhhh yeeeaaaaahhhh!” as he breaks through the brick wall.

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Gimmedat beat me to it.

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I asked someone at work, and their answer was, “SNAP INTO A SLIMJIM!” LOL!!!

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he says “I’m gonna kill you bitches!!!”

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It’s always been OH YEEEEAAAAHHH since time immemorial. Anyone who says otherwise put in too much sugar.

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OH YEAAAAAHHHH!!!! Then he wrecks the place! :-)

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@adina1968 “Wow. You know, from the other side, that’s kind of annoying.”

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I thought he said “Tricks are for kids, not for silly rabbits.”

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