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Does anyone think we are putting to much confidence in Obama?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) June 12th, 2008

I always hear so many good things about him. My question is what if he also fails? What if things get worse because he is in office? Are people gonna deny him like they did Bush. For some reason people voted for Bush at one time. Now though, no one will support him. My question is a “what if”.

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This is true for any candidate. Are you saying we should be putting more faith in McCain?

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I wonder the same thing. Sometimes I think people are putting too much pressure on him. He’s only human after all and humans make mistakes. Some people seem to think he’s going to come in and change everything in a heartbeat. Even if he can change things, it’s going to take time. Politics doesn’t work at lightning speed. If he can handle the pressure and the tasks of being a president, then good for him.

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I just think to many people are following him and or will vote for him because its the cool thing to do at the moment. Im not backing McCain, im just asking the question. What if they thing that became so popular turns out to be wrong for us.

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Bush set the bar so low I think Nixon could do much better. And I mean in the state he’s in now.
Obama has such little shoes to fill.

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Well that’s the beauty of our system, if Obama gets elected and he fails, we dump him in 4 years and give someone else a shot.

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I don’t think we can take 4 more years of oops…

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I think that most people voted for bush because of religious/moral issues or because of 9/11. They thought we needed someone “strong” and willing to kick some “iraqi butt”. We have to remember that our country is full of stupid people that know how to vote and love Jesus Christ. Obama is focusing on the issues that matter. Healthcare, the economy, the war in Iraq, foreign policy, alternative energy, you know things that really matter.

So in regards to your question, no I don’t think if he fails it will be as disappointing. Because he talks about real issues and not just saving our country from gays and abortion. He is earning his place as president whereas Bush STOLE it with lies and the religious right.

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@nayeight just checking to see if you said Jesus Christ dosent matter.

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who exactly is trying to save our country from gays and abortion??

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Jesus Christ doesnt matter much to me, I’m an athiest. But I know that alot of the country does vote according to their religious beliefs and values. And Bush is pro-life and against gay marriage.

@ willbrawn – Even if I was a Christian I would understand that when it comes to politics and the government, seperation of church and state are extremely important and absolutely necessary.

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When it comes down to it we ended up with two democrats to choose from. The way I see it. Between the clintons, an expresident and a senetor, if they could’t dig up the dirt I don’t know who could. The thing I like the best about him is history of working with both parties to examine and resolve issues. I really feel like he as raise interest and hope like I have never seen before and in very dire times. That is huge in my book.

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Barack Obama has the ability to inspire and in the state our country is in now we can all use a little inspiration. I think that if he is elected his positive energy and fresh ideas will put America back on the path to greatness.

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I think we are. We should not put all our trust on Obama, instead do our best to help the nation progress.

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