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Why do you color your hair? When is the last time that you saw your natural hair color?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7102points) April 2nd, 2013

Obviously, this question is geared toward jellies that don’t wear their natural hair color.
I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 13 (I’m 30), and I always colored it because I thought that my natural hair was bland. A dark, ashy blond – I think what most people would refer to as dishwater. About a year and a half ago I decided to stop coloring it, mostly to save money, but I came to realize that my natural hair color is actually quite pretty. It has darkened quite a bit as I’ve gotten older, it’s probably a medium brown with some red tones in it, but my hair is also healthier, shinier, and generally happier since I’ve quit messing with it. Now that I’ve quit dying my hair, I have a hard time even considering giving up my natural shade ever again, grays and all.

If you color your hair, how long have you been coloring it? What made you start? When is the last time that you saw your natural color? Is there a drastic difference between your natural color and the color that you put on?

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I don’t. My Mom still had much of her natural hair color into her 80s. I seem to have the same sort of genes luckily. Not that I am in my 80s! But my sisters are all gray (or color their hair).

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I don’t color my hair. But, I’m 17 and I already have grey hair. I may have to start…
My friend hasn’t seen her natural hair color since she was 12. She’s now 19.

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I’m a little embarrassed to admit I was well into adulthood before I learned my mom dyed her hair. She said she never wanted to look like a little old lady. She’s almsot 90 now and still has it dyed regularly. Me, I’m happy with my own salt & pepper (more the former than latter).

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My natural hair color is a light brown/blonde. When I was around 11 or so, I started using that Sun In product to lighten it. Around 13 I started using temporary dyes that only lasted a handful of shampoos. Around 14 I bleached it completely and would wear it as a light blonde or I would dye over it with all kinds of crazy colors. (Reds, blues, greens, purples, etc.) Then around 16 I dyed it black. I’ve been wearing it black ever since. (I’m now 25.) I’ve added color here and there over the years and have even bleached it out a couple times, but I always go back to solid black fairly quickly. I don’t see myself ever going back to my natural color. I think black suits me well. :)

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I’ve been coloring my hair since I was about 17, and I’m 23 now. I had highlights for a long time, and eventually forgot what my natural color was. I went natural for awhile and now I go back and forth depending on the season. Lighter or highlights during hot months, dark brown or auburn during cold months. I find I prefer it darker. My natural color is boring – a dull medium brown color. I’ll probably never go totally natural, as I like switching it up.

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@DigitalBlue Just be glad you have hair to color. Some of us males don’t get that option. My nephew was going around looking under the furniture and tables. My sister asked what he was doing. He was looking for my hair. :)

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To cover the gray. The color is a variant on my natural color just a little more red.

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I used to joke that I had never seen my gray hair because I always color it and by the time the gray roots came in my vision started failing and I can’t see my roots with bifocals.
Why do I do it? Vanity. I like my golden locks. My natural color is a dishwater blonde (now going gray) and its just not as pretty as the strawberry blonde.
It’s a personal preference like tattoos and body piercing.

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I used to colour my hair bright purple. Had it silvery and gold and bright red, but purple was always my favourite. My natural hair colour is black. It took a lot of bleach to get it the colour it was. I started ‘cos I was angry and desperately wanted to change myself. The same anger made me snip all my colourful (and damaged) hair off.
Now that I’m more emotionally stable, my hair’s getting a well-deserved rest (: but I would love to have it bright purple again before I hafta grow up and go to work.

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I did it once when I was nineteen and it turned a lovely shade of brass. That was the last time. I am thrilled with my natural color, which is now nicely shot through with white and looks shiny and expensively streaked.

(What a relief, at my age, to not have the hassle of long and tedious hours in the hair salon. I can barely stand the 20-minute trim once every six weeks.)

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@gailcalled You need a new hair stylist. My visits to mine are really fun. Pure entertainment for 2–3 hours every 3–4 months.

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Know myself.

If I have learned nothing else during the course of my adult life, it is that I hate all hair salons and what happens there. I wash and condition my hair and show up with it wet in order to avoid the shampoo (and the ensuing dizziness that tilting my head back generates. I tip the woman extra to not wash my hair)

(And I’d much rather use the money to buy perennials and pay a teen-ager to plant them.)

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I started coloring my hair about 5 years ago and I’m 42 now. I’ve always loved my own natural color which was a dark nut brown with natural red highlights. I dreaded losing my natural color, was really upset when an army of white strands marched out of my roots.

So, I started coloring as close to my natural color as possible, using e-salon, and even though I don’t have the same color I used to, I don’t plan to ever go gray. I’m not vain about anything, except my hair.

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I started coloring my hair when I started to find white hairs. I stopped when, a week after coloring, my sideburns showed white. One of my grandmothers had very white hair and I was curious to see if I did too. I didn’t. I have light and dark gray hair. I’ve talked myself into believing that it softens the facial lines that come with it.

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@Aesthetic_Mess don’t feel bad. I started getting greys at 16, and although I do have a fair amount now at 30, it’s concentrated at my temples and really not noticeable unless someone is looking for it. I actually get a lot of compliments on it, but I don’t know a lot of women my age who are comfortable rocking their greys. I just bring this up, because although I started to go grey young, it isn’t taking over my whole head as rapidly as I’d feared.

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I have had highlights put through my hair for a few years. I preferred my hair to be a bit lighter than it’s natural shade. Over the years, my hair ended up quite a bit lighter because of the repeat highlights. So in the last year I had my hairdresser take my hair back to my natural colour (which is a light-mid brown). I still have some highlights but very few and just to give my colour a bit of a lift.

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I colour my hair to make it stand out. My natural colour is brown but I colour it to add a slightly red tone which makes it look shiny and vibrant. It’s not a great deal different from my natural colour but the subtle difference makes all the difference (if that makes sense). I have been dying my hair for about 7 years now.

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I do not color my hair. I’m boring lol. I’m more on hair treatments like making my hair shinier, stronger etc.

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