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What would happen if I consumed 8 ounces of pistachios?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) April 16th, 2013

Just wondering….....

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You’d get thirsty.
Or turn green.
And probably break a nail.

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Is this a trick question?

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It would be good for you. Nuts raise HDL and have vitamins and minerals. The downside is they are relatively high in fat. Or they could be contaminated with aflatoxin.

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I don’t think anything too terrible. You might end up constipated, though, so you might want to eat some raisins or something, too.

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I would be morbidly jealous. My kid always eats the pistachios when I buy them for myself.

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Your fingernails would get sore from splitting the shells. If they are salted, you might need a soda.

If you get the kind with red shells your fingers will get red from pulling the nuts out.

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Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my stomach wouldn’t feel so good. Plus, I’d be really thirsty.

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Here is the nutrition info for a cup of pistachios.

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It wouldn’t be wise if you have diverticulosis or diverticulitis. Diverticulosis usually doesn’t occur in people under the age of 40, but it is becoming more common these days with younger people. My husband found out he had the disease when he was 30 and he has been hospitalized twice in the past 12 years, the first time requiring surgery. His surgeon blamed the Wonder Bread diet of our generation for the rise in the disease in younger people. If you have diverticulitis, nuts are a big no-no!

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It’s probably not as bad as eating as many ginko nuts…

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You will consume 1257calories. 3000 calories will gain you a pound.

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How much is that in actual units?

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@ragingloli Approximately 143 pistachios.

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You’d go nuts.

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I was thinking you might have to go poo.

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You would rupture your stomach with the nut shards and die from internal bleeding.

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Are you asking this before or after the fact?

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No response?? @Blackberry! Where are you!!! Are you OK??

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I’m guessing he already ate ‘em. We hope you don’t die, @Blackberry!

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I get his avatar if he does!

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You would get fat.

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I’d be dead in about 20 minutes :P

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With that kind of love of nuts, you’d be reclassified as either an elephant or a porn star.

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Yeah, I ate them…lol. I felt really full, thirsty, then used the restroom later. Thanks for the input guys :)

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@Blackberry I just looked at a container of nuts. 8 ounces is a lot of nuts. Let us know if you get any side affects.

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There would be few pistachio nuts left for me and I would be sad.

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Whew, you didn’t die. Good deal!

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@Blackberry How soon do you think you’ll try that again?

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@Sunny2 I never liked and barely tried pistachios in the past. I had some about 3 months ago and liked them alot, then it went downhil from there, but after this I have no desire to eat them and probably won’t for awhile.

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^^Probably a good choice. You know the saying (which I don’t necessarily agree with in all cases) “Everything in moderation.”

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I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen. You’re going to fill full, then thirsty, then you’re gonna go to the bathroom. :)

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Hang on, I’ll ask my wife…......................OK, she says that nothing will happen…..
And something about your being a ‘lightweight’...

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I would console myself by thinking there’s more “shell” than “nut.”

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Aren’t you worried the Shells just Run?

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