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What are the health benefits of drinking wheat grass? Is it worth drinking every day? Does anyone have an positive personal experiences to report?

Asked by questionite (22points) March 3rd, 2007
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From what I've heard, wheatgrass has a detoxifying effect (which is great for after you've been drinking). Apparently (and I don't have much to confirm this) the effect of wheat grass juice is greatly reduced as time progresses; therefore it's important to drink within the first few minutes of squeezing
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it's very very good for detoxing. I always start off a hangover cure with a shot of wheatgrass. However, andrew is right - it really has to be just pressed. thats not really feasible a lot of the time, especially when you're hungover and dont want to leave the house, so go to whole foods and in the freezer section you'll find a box of frozen just pressed wheatgrass cubes! probably not AS good as just pressed, but pretty damn close.
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My ex-wife was a natural foods, whole earth, mother nature type who swore by the stuff. She grew it, pressed it and downed it immediately. She was good natured to begin with and I did not see any appreciable change in her health or attitudes. She suffered from epilepsy and the wheat grass did not lessen the episodes. As with her grass smoking, she obsessed over the wheat grass and she believed it made her feel better so I was supportive. I gave the stuff a fair try, a shot every morning for a couple of weeks but did not like the taste and did not feel any improvement. Now if you want to talk fresh squeezed orange juice, that is the nectar of the gods in my opinion. It tastes fresh and clean, provides energy and vitamins and you can almost taste the sunshine that grew the fruit. There’s nothing better in my opinion.

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For me, wheat grass is safe but I do not use it usually , just from 4 times per week because it promotes weight loss. Another two most impressive health benefits of wheat grass is it can detoxify the whole body and cure some bowel issues. It also has the properties of treating severe bleeding and stimulating smooth bowel functions as well as treating constipation.

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