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Is it possible to learn to play Mouret's Rondeau on the cello without any experience or musical knowledge?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) June 13th, 2008

For very personal reasons I would like to learn to play only this specific song on the cello. Is it even possible to play this song on a cello? Is there a name for playing a song by memorization as opposed to reading music and playing what is read on the fly?

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I am not a string layer, but I would think that it would be difficult to achieve any real skill level without practice and a feel for the instrument.

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i agree with marina. i’m a cellist of about 7 years and i can play plenty of things by ears, but i wouldn’t reccomend it for a beginer. especially if you’ve never played a cello before at all. it takes a good amount of practice to get used to the instrument with a good sound and everything, and then a bunch more practice to be able to be able to play fluently. it IS possible, but it’s just one of those things—you’d just have to be a natural musician. it probably wouldn’t be easy for just the average person.

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