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What are the best karoke songs to sing?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) June 14th, 2008

(besides living on a prayer, and journey- so overdone)

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Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations

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And what’s wrong with living on a prayer??
I’d go with any Bon Jovi or ABBA song, like Mama Mia or Wanted Dead or Alive

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best group I think is Loveshack

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Paradise by the Dashboard Light and Misty.

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@ Eambos – that’s the one I was going to say!!

Another good one would be “My Girl” .

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The killers. Mr. Brightside

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my heart will go on

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Try this site. Click on “browse karaoke titles” on the side. You can listen to other peoples’ karaokes, as well as record your own. It’s very easy, fun, and a good way to have your voice heard.

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Amazing Grace, I can sing of your love forever, above all, I can only imagine, only Jesus, ... and all the other Praise and Worship/Gospel songs.

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“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is always fun if done decently. It helps to have backup dancers for the instrumental hoe-down sections. Also, in this part of the world, “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” usually gets a lot of crowd love. Also, “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen makes for good times. And if you want melodrama, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”!

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The Star-Spangled Banner

Because that is what people want to hear at the bar/pub while they are trying to get laid.

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

My boxers are on the floor.

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Afternoon Delight- Starland Vocal Band.

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Songs by The Beatles work well

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How ‘bout “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith? That could be fun.

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It’s Too Late by Carole King
What it Takes by Aerosmith (you can really wail on this)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles
Respect by Aretha (you’d better be able to sing)
I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner
You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon
You Don’t Know Me by Ray Charles
The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson

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Rocky Horror Picture Show songs
I Do The Rock

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am I the only one slightly concerned about mrs_dr_frank_n_furter one-sided preference of film/music? I wonder if she’s been exposed to anything but the one….

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@wildflower: trust me I know I have a problem. In fact, the next time I go to my psyhologist (don’t know if that is spelled right(I’m not the best speller)) I’m going to see if there is anyway to lesson this obsession

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you were close. it’s psychologist. (and “lessen”)

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@PnL: Sorry I was a little tried that day so I wasn’t paying attention to how I spelled everything.

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It depends on what your range is and what type of crowd you’re singing it to!

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I have a 3 1/2 octive range. I’m a coloratura soprano (think that is how you spell it)

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total eclipse of the heart (bonnie tyler). against all odds (phil collins). “she’s not there” by the zombies. fame. summer nights (grease).

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YMCA!!! and that one WAR (ugh) What is it good for? lol…

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o a song that you enjoy singing. And one you know the words to.

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